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If you are a grooming student, you might be eligible for a student discount! For further information, please talk to your instructors to see if your place of learning has signed up with us. If they have, fantastic!

To sign up as a student, all you need to do is fill in this form: Student Form

Once we have added you onto our system as a student, you’ll be able to access your 10% discount* when you sign onto your online account. You’ll be able to see your prices straight away.

You can access all the items that are discounted for you by clicking ‘my account’ in the top right hand corner and then clicking ‘trade prices’.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact our team!

Call Us: 01635 279823


Colleges work in a very similar way to students. Once you are signed up with us, you will have your own special pricing when you log in to your account.

To sign up with us as a college, please speak to one of our dedicated team on 01635 279823.