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Jack Russell Grooming Tips

The Jack Russell is a commonly known household pet, renowned for being the small, loyal companion every family hopes to have as their dog. Aside from their affectionate, loving ways, another great positive for having a Jack Russell breed in your family is their rather low maintenance needs when it comes to grooming.

How Often Should A Jack Russell Be Groomed?

One of the main causes of excess shedding can be irritated skin. You must make sure you don’t bathe your Jack Russell Terrier too often, as this will harm their skin and affect the health of their coat. Bathing only when needed and regular brushing (sometimes daily in the seasonal change months where their shedding is higher) with a bristle brush can be all your Jack Russell’s grooming needs to be.


Do Jack Russells Shed A Lot Of Hair?

Jack Russell Terriers do shed their hair, they can either have a smooth or rough coat and their hair is usually quite short, making it much easier for you to groom. As their hair is so short, this does result in quite a lot of shedding all year round, getting particularly worse when the seasons change in spring and autumn.


How To Stop My Jack Russell From Shedding

Regularly brushing your Jack Russell will help greatly reduce the amount they shed , making your life much easier. As you brush through your dog's hair, you move skin oil across their body, which helps the fur to stay in place better and reduces their shedding.



How To Trim A Jack Russell Terrier?

Your Jack Russell Terrier will need very few trims; the most you will need to do is probably regular trimming of the longer hair on their face using blunt scissors. Use thinning scissors to trim excess hair on their feet, toes and tail and smarten your dog up every so often.


How Do You Groom A Rough Coat On A Jack Russell Terrier?

A Jack Russell Terrier with a rough coat will require a bit more care than those with a smooth coat. Using a stripping comb is great for grooming your rough-coated Jack Russell and stripping them twice a year will really help stop shedding and keep your dog well-groomed.


How Big Do Jack Russell Terriers Get?

Jack Russell Terriers are popularly known for being small, friendly dogs. Their compact bodies are known to only grow between 25-40cm in height and weighing 6-9kg, staying pretty small all of their lives.






How Many Times A Day Should A Jack Russell Eat?

Feeding your Jack Russell Terrier twice a day should be sufficient and by feeding them at the same time of day will allow their digestive system to adapt to the routine, for example, feeding your Jack Russell once in a morning and then one closer to bedtime to help them settle.


How Can You Tell If A Jack Russell Is Purebred?

The best way to know if your dog is a purebred is to make sure you check their papers when you buy, but there are a few things you can keep an eye out for to physically see if your Jack Russell Terrier is a purebred.

Although Jack Russells can have a varying type of coat, the colour can be a big sign of whether or not they’re purebred. Purebred Jack Russells are said to have 51% or more white hair within their coat with a black or tan (or in some cases, both) pattern near its tail and on their face. Other aspects of a purebred Jack Russell include small V-shaped ears, scissored teeth and bright eyes.


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