Help! My dog has rolled in fox poo

As dog owners, being greeted by a mucky pup soon after they’ve rolled in something repulsive is all part of the job. Dogs love getting up close and personal with the scents of the world, and fox poo is no exception.

If your dog has ever done the deed, you’ll know fox poo has a smell like no other. And that pungent, musky odour is extremely difficult to get rid of. But luckily, we have some insights into why our dogs love to roll in the stuff and how you can clean it up in a snap.

Why dogs roll in fox poo

Unfortunately, animal experts have no definitive answer. But there are a few theories. Some say our dog’s unsavoury poop rolling antics date back to their wild ancestry. Apparently, dogs in the wild would use it to mask their own scent so they could better hunt their prey.

Another theory, and one that’s more likely, is that dogs simply like the smell. Dogs have powerful noses and are fascinated by strong scents. Rolling in fox poo is like us getting spruced up and putting on our favourite perfume.

The dangers of fox poo

According to the Scott Veterinary Clinic, a UK study showed that 68% of foxes are infected with fox hookworm. Many foxes are also known to carry lungworm and roundworm. So if your pooch thinks fox poo is a doggy delicacy, they could become infected by any of these parasitic worms.

If your dog becomes infected with hookworm, they may show the following symptoms: lethargy, anorexia, anaemia and diarrhoea.

In the case of lungworm, the larvae will grow inside the dog and move through the body to live in the heart. This then affects the functionality of the heart and can be fatal. Lungworm is more commonly spread when dogs eat slugs and snails that have fed on infected fox poo.

Like hookworm, roundworm are intestinal parasites that live in a dog’s digestive system. If your dog has roundworm, you may notice, a loss of appetite, a dull coat, vomiting, a swollen abdomen, weakness and weight loss.

That revolting odour is not the only reason we need to keep our dogs away from fox poo! It’s also a risk to our dog’s health.

How to clean fox poo

It’s no secret fox poo is a difficult smell to eliminate. But what’s a dog owner to do when our pooches coat themselves in the stuff?

With our De-Fox-It Odour Neutraliser Spray, you’ll eliminate that eye-watering fox poo smell while removing the stain at the same time. De-Fox-It is a deep foaming cleanser that removes grease and caked-on soil from your dog’s coat and upholstery. The perfect solution if your dog is prone to jumping on your furniture at home!

The De-Fox-It formula contains a powerful antibacterial agent and an oxidising compound. Both work together to clean mucky stains while leaving your dog smelling fresh and fox-musk free.

It’s easy-peasy to use too – simply spray onto the affected area, whether that’s your dog’s fur or your favourite rug. Then wipe and remove with a damp cloth. If your dog has really gone to town and it’s a particularly stubborn stain, leave on for 10 minutes before rinsing or wiping off.


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