Clipper Maintenance For Pro Groomers

It’s really important to make sure your clippers are in good working order. These are the tools of your trade, and not maintaining them properly could lose you money in the long run, from losing speed and making your grooming slower to having to replace whole parts, including the motor, which can be costly!

We chatted to our clipper expert Chris, and here were his top tips on what you can do to keep your clipper in check:

Make sure your clipper is properly cleaned every day. Remove all the hair from the blades and the blade drive. You can either do this with the supplied brush or a toothbrush. If hair continues to build up in a clipper, it will travel down inside the clipper and begin to stop the mechanism from working properly, making it slower or jamming it entirely.

Clean your blade after use and oil every 20 minutes. The less friction on the blade, the more easily the clipper can cut.

To oil your blade, point the clipper downward with the blade horizontal. Then put a drop of oil on either side of the blade, where the top and bottom blades meet. You can also put one drop in the middle of where the blades meet for extra lubrication if you wish.

To clean your blade, remove as much hair as you can with a brush. Use a blade wash and submerge your blades. Then wipe off well to ensure the blade does not rust. Make sure your blade is oiled before storage.

Check for nicks, cuts and other cable issues before you work. Any issues could lead to an electric shock, so it’s better to be safe!

Check the blade drive, hinge and lock weekly. You’ll need to take off the blade and the drive cap, in some cases this will include the casing. Make sure no parts are rusty, missing or worn, that the blade is snapping on correctly if it is a snap-on mechanism.

Don’t forget your blades! Make sure they aren’t rusty, have free movement of the blade without sticking and don’t have broken teeth.

Have your clipper serviced yearly by a professional.

Always have a spare clipper on hand in case you have an issue. You can then use this one while you have your usual clipper serviced!


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