Six Coat Issues & How to Fix Them With Shampoo!

It’s National Pet Wellness Month this October, and what better way to start than with making sure that the skin and coat looks and feels fantastic?

Dog coats come in many forms, and as a groomer, you might come up with coats that are actually quite difficult to manage. But don’t worry, we’re here to help with a few shampoos that should make your life easier!

Problem #1: Greasiness

Luckily for you, there are plenty of degreasing shampoos to choose from. Our favourites are Groomers Tangerine and Grapefruit Shampoo, Groomers Medicated Shampoo, Chubbs Bars or Julie Harris Signature Strip Down Shampoo

Problem #2: Dry Skin & Coat

A deep conditioning shampoo is just what you need. Choose a shampoo with rich natural ingredients known for their moisturising properties, like Groomers Royal Jelly Shampoo or Ochah, which features Dead Sea Minerals.

Problem #3: Hair Loss

It’s important that a dog with hair loss is seen by a vet to determine the cause before trying to treat them – hair loss has multiple causes! However, giving an intensive course of Evening Primrose Shampoo, Conditioner and Spray can help, especially if the skin and hair is very dry.

Problem #4: Tangles Easily

You need a rich conditioning shampoo or one that leaves a slip agent in the hair, like the Groomers Detangle Shampoo! Alternatively, the Choca-Doodle 2-in-1 Shampoo does a fantastic job of leaving coats manageable.

Problem #5: Stinky!

No-one likes a houndy-smelling dog! Groomers Intensity Shampoo or Groomers Banana and Mango Shampoo can help, along with our That’s My.. Shampoo and Spray range, which is fragranced by perfumers!

Problem #6: Mucky

For dirty dogs, we recommend using a pre-wash, such as our Peardrops Shampoo, first. If the dog is still dirty, it’s time to break out something that will degrease and clean more thoroughly, like Groomers Seaweed and Cucumber Shampoo or Magic Forest Intensive Shampoo!

Do you have any more coat issues that we might be able to help with? Comment and let us know!

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