Make The Most Of Salon Retailing This Christmas

Christmas is one of the most lucrative times of the year in most business’s calendars. People are buying gifts for loved ones and feeling festive enough to treat themselves and others, and that includes their pets!

That’s where you come in. As a grooming salon owner, you’re already set to have a busy Christmas period, but have you thought about doing a little bit more to get a nice bonus by Christmas day? It’s all about retail sales.

You may already have a retailing section, and that’s great! People are more likely to be swayed by these add-on sales than during the rest of the year, so don’t forget to ask if they need or would like anything extra. If you don’t have a retail area, now is most definitely the time, even for a small display next to your till. It’s a fantastic way of pushing things like Dog Shampoo, Dog Toothpaste and Dog Grooming Clippers, particulary the industry favourite Andis Dog Clippers.

How to profit from retailing in your grooming salon this Christmas:

Decorate and Make a Few Changes

You may not have changed your retail display in a while, so now is the time to do it! According to McKinsey & Company, ‘an expansion of the presentation of merchandise can double sales’. With that in mind, why not make it festive and add fairy lights or fake icicles to the shelving? Perhaps you can nestle some items between Christmas presents or hang small items off a Christmas tree?

Christmas Themed Goodies

While you don’t need to go all out with new Christmas stock additions, it’s always a good idea to have a small themed selection. Whether that’s a range of Christmas scents and bathing or toys and treats, it’s completely up to you and will depend on the space you have available in your salon for the display. If the change to your display doesn’t remind people of Christmas, these themed goodies will. Don’t forget to put stocking stuffers next to the till point like a dog nail file or slicker brush – people get impulsive around Christmas time!

Make It Easy

Make products easy to reach, make it easy to see the price of the item, ensure they’re easy to spot and above all, make them easy to buy! Tick all those boxes and it will help to ensure interest doesn’t drop off before or during the sale.

Let People Know About It

Whether you do this via a flyer, a newsletter, on your website, via text message or simply by telling them it’s going to happen, people need to know. Raise awareness and invite them in to have a look, even if they aren’t having their pets groomed. A simple visit could easily result in a sale!

Do you need to stock up your retail area? See our web section for shampoo, conditioner and fragrance packs in retail sizes at reduced prices! You can also check out our Christmas Festive Fragrance selection for themed shampoos and fragrance sprays.

Happy Holidays!



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