Groomers Christmas Survival Guide: Take Extra Care of Yourself

Christmas is a really busy time for any groomer, and your books have probably been closed for weeks! We know how important it is for you to have a good holiday season and make your money, but we also know how difficult it can be for you!

That’s why we’ve written our Groomers Survival Guide, which aims to give advice and tips for keeping yourself healthy through the festive season. We wanted to share our advice and give tips on what to use and why, from dog paw cleaner to the best slicker brush, we cover it all in this guide!

Groomers Christmas Survival Guide: Take Extra Care of Yourself

Long working hours means you’re bound to get aches and pains, but we’ve got you covered!

Stand In Comfort – Most of your working day requires you to stand, especially for more difficult grooming jobs, so we recommend decking your salon out with good quality anti-fatigue mats to ensure you have a soft, cushioned place to stand.  We also recommend you get a comfortable pair of working shoes that is well-cushioned and supportive. Why not try some of our clogs, designed especially for workplaces like yours?

Need a Sit-Down? – When you don’t need to stand, make sure you’re sitting with plenty of support. Try one of our dog grooming stools!

Back to Basics – All that bending over a dog bath and dog grooming table you do isn’t always the best for your back. You can help ease lower back tension with a Lumbar Support. We have several to choose from, including a Heavy Task Core LumBar Support that’s ideal for working with heavy, large dogs.

Trust the Brands – The old saying “You’re only as good as your tools” is something to bear in mind when it comes to dog grooming. We pride ourselves on providing some of the best dog grooming tools around, but there are certain brands that you can trust will serve you well, for example both Andis Clippers and Wahl Dog Clippers are brands you know you can rely on.

Handy! For those of you who suffer from a repetitive strain wrist injury or carpal tunnel or anyone who easily feels fatigue in their wrist or arm from scissoring, we offer a wrist support and an elbow wrap as part of our groomer wellbeing range.

Keep Moisturised – We know your hands go through a lot, especially when you’re bathing dog after dog. That’s why we’ve included fantastic moisturisers in our range, such as the Warren London Groomers Hands Butter!

Not a professional?

Maybe you just want to your dog to really look their best this Christmas and if that’s the case then we have some tips for you too!

Firstly, get yourself a good pair of dog grooming scissors and dog clippers to make life easier and the job quicker. You’ll be amazed at how much simpler this all gets when you have the right kind of dog grooming tools. Not just scissors of course, it’s crucial to have the best supplies you can for all dog grooming tasks. From dog nail clippers to a dog hair dryer, it all makes a difference. There are certain brands that you can always rely on too, such as Andis Clippers or Wahl dog clippers, both will provide you with simple and effective dog grooming.

We hope you have a fantastic – and comfortable – Christmas!


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