Dogs and the Jubilee Weekend

Street Parties and Events

If you own a well-trained, calm dog, you should be fine taking them to a street party. It is best to keep your dog on a lead though, as there may be lots of young children around, and there will certainly be plenty of food. Also, if you attend a street party, remember that you are in a public place – even well trained dogs could wander off by mistake in the confusion of lots of food, noise and people.

If you own a nervous dog – particularly a more mature dog or a puppy, do not force them to be present for your jubilee celebrations. The excitement and noise of a street party, or having lots of guests over to your house can affect nervous dogs. Instead, provide your pet with a den in a quiet room, perhaps with a blanket, some toys or a special bone. If for some reason you have to attend this then take a look through our dog calming products to help relieve the stress your dog is feeling.

If you are planning to visit London to see the flotilla or another of the organised celebrations, it is not a good idea to take your dog. The streets will be incredibly crowded and the experience will not be enjoyable for your pet.


Chances are there may be a lot of food around over the bank holiday weekend, whether you are having a party, getting involved in “The Big Lunch”, or having a family BBQ. Your dog can, of course, be involved in the feasting, but do remember not to give your dog foods that are toxic to canines, such as chocolate and onions. Additionally, if you do give your dog a lot of treats throughout the weekend, remember to reduce the size of his main meal appropriately. It’s also worth remembering that after some large meals it’s good to clean your dogs’ teeth. It seems simple enough but a lot of people forget about how important dog toothpaste is.

You might also choose to create a special jubilee supper for your dog. Coronation chicken is an ideal dish for such an occasion. This dish in particular is highly traditional, and includes ingredients such as rice and chicken, which are light on doggy bellies. Just remember to remove any chicken bones, and make sure you use low fat mayo.

Keeping Dogs Cool

We have had scorching weather recently, and if this glorious sun is set to continue, you may need to take extra measures to protect your dog from heatstroke. Dogs are far more susceptible to heatstroke than humans as they have very few sweat glands (and are covered with fur!). Some breeds, such as those with double coats or short noses are especially susceptible.

Throughout the bank holiday weekend, it is therefore important to monitor your dog if the weather is hot. Do not leave them in the car for even a few minutes. Do not force them to exercise, and ensure you have water for your dog if you go on a walk. If you have a garden party, do not force your dog to stay outside, and provide them with plenty of shade and water. It might also be worth investing in a special Doggy Pool, which offers a fun way to help keep them cool.

Creative Grooming

The jubilee offers a fun theme to experiment with some creative grooming. You could try some patriotic red, white and blue doggy hair extensions, or perhaps a subtle red, white and blue “pawdicure” curiosity of Warren London’s polish pens. Alternatively, for the more rebellious amongst you, why not give your dog a punk-inspired pink or green Mohawk? Pet Head temporary coloured gel is a non-toxic dye especially designed for dogs, and washes out easily with a little shampoo. Whatever you decide to go for, thanks to our huge collection of dog grooming equipment, it’s never been easier to find what you are after. From Dog Clippers like Andis Clippers to Dog Shampoo, Groomers Online really does have everything you could possibly need.

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