Cutest Team Members

At Groomers Ltd we cherish our pets whether they be dog, cat, horse, or lizard – and we want to share them with you!

Say hello to the cutest honorary members of the Groomers Office Team in their profiles below!

Name: Talula
Age: 3
Likes: Cuddles, unicorn toy
Dislikes: Baths, not being the centre of attention
Breed: Pomeranian / Pekingese mix

Name: Teddy
Age: 5
Likes: Sausage on a rope tug toy, lounging on the sofa
Dislikes: Crowds, being brushed
Breed: Poodle / King Charles Cavalier Spaniel mix

Name: Ted
Age: 6
Likes: When the feed bucket arrives
Dislikes: When the feed bucket is empty
Breed: Horse – Appaloosa / Cob mix

Name: Opie
Age: 1 1/2
Likes: Tennis balls, belly rubs, sleeping
Dislikes: Fireworks
Breed: Labrador / Staffy mix

Name: Jeffree
Age: 2
Likes: Crickets, head scratches
Dislikes: Bath time, cold hands
Breed: Albino Leopard Gecko

Name: Maddie
Age: 10
Likes: Lazy mornings
Dislikes: Fireworks, the rain
Breed: Patterdale Terrier / Shih Tzu mix

We would love to hear about your pets – post your profiles in the comments below!

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