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Springer Spaniel Grooming


How often should a Springer Spaniel be groomed?

Depending on whether your Springer Spaniel is a show dog or simply a companion, how often you groom your Springer Spaniel will differ. Show dogs will need to be properly groomed every week, while companion Springer Spaniels can be bathed and groomed as little as once every couple of months, providing that you make sure you brush them several times per week. 

Do Springer Spaniels need to be clipped?

Once your Springer Spaniel reaches six months old, you’ll need to start clipping their coat to make sure it retains its natural shape and stays looking good! Show dogs will need to be clipped in a much more specialist way, but a standard Springer Spaniel trim will require you to work around the inside of the ears, the top outside of the ear, the top of the head, then the chest, throat, feet and hocks.

How often should you bathe a Springer Spaniel?

Springer Spaniels should only need bathing around once every two to three months – this should result in a fresh smelling coat that appears light and shiny. Make sure that you give your Springer a good brush first to remove any matting or dead hair!

What are the best clippers for a Springer Spaniel?

Heavy duty clippers are best for Spaniels of all kinds due to their longer, thicker coat. We recommend choosing a blade that can cut through any type of dog hair smoothly and efficiently.