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Repairs Information


For any product which is out of warranty and is in need of a repair or service, we would recommend contacting one of the following companies, that Groomers work closely with:


Clippers & Dryers Repair/Service

Scissor & Blade Sharpening

Clippers & Dryers Repair/Service


Groomtech - The Service Company

Tel: 07827443261


Sharpening Service

Tel: 07919 00 6766


Groom Service

Tel: 07552217228



*Please be aware that the above companies are independent from Groomers and they are recommendations only. Groomers does not have any affiliation to them.

Therefore, any discussion held between the customer and any of the above companies, remains solely between these two parties.

Equally, if any transactions are made by the customer for services with any of the above companies, this also remains solely between the two parties.