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Safety & Hygiene

Whilst owning a professional grooming salon, it is important to ensure that your hygiene is impeccable. To help you achieve a safe and clean salon environment, we offer a diverse range of products from defender goggles to disposable latex gloves and dog grooming aprons so that you can minimise the risk of contamination and ensure your salon complies to cleanliness standards. Here at Groomers, we make it as easy as possible to keep on top of salon safety so that you can enjoy your job without any mishaps. Why not explore more of our website for an extensive and elite selection of dog grooming supplies.

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Here at Groomers, we stock a broad range of safety and hygiene equipment so that you can enjoy work without any mishaps. It is imperative to keep your working salon in perfect condition, and we want to help make it that little bit easier.

From dog grooming aprons to latex gloves, we have you covered here at Groomers 

We offer a diverse selection of different equipment such as dog grooming aprons, disposable sleeves and defender goggles so that you are always prepared for every eventuality. Make safety and hygiene practices second nature within your salon and stock up on the equipment that is going to make it even easier for you.

Keep your workspace clean and tidy with our safety and hygiene range 


With a selection of different sanitisers and disinfectants to choose from, you can ensure your salon is of elite cleanliness. Our safety and hygiene products also reduce the risk of contamination and are, therefore, a must-have for any professional salon space. Why not check out our range of animal first aid products to make sure you’re always prepared?