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Choca-Doodle Shampoo

If you find yourself regularly grooming Poodle cross-breeds, then you need Choca-Doodle shampoo! Choca-Doodle shampoo fully degreases Doodle fur and encourages it to stand proud, making for easy scissoring and a stunning, crisp finish. Beautifully fragranced with a chocolate orange scent too, freshly groomed Doodles will smell good enough to eat! If there’s no scissoring involved, Choca-Doodle 2 in 1 Shampoo & Conditioner is a great alternative choice, taming and cleaning frizzy fur ready for clipper work or a simple bath and brush out. Add Choca-Doodle Shampoo to your dog grooming salon today and for more breed options, explore our full shampoo collection.

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