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Groomers Pro Treats Loyalty Scheme
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Pro Treats Terms & Conditions


  • The Pro Treats loyalty scheme is operated by Groomers Limited, 137 Seventh Street, New Greenham Park, Greenham, Thatcham RG19 6HW. Registered in England & Wales: company no. 36975057.
  • Groomers Limited can cancel, withdraw or alter the scheme at any time.
  • Pro Treats is an online only scheme and can only be collected or redeemed at
  • Customers who have multiple accounts cannot combine Pro Treats from multiple accounts to make one purchase or saving.
  • Groomers Limited can take any action it considers appropriate, including removing or suspending Pro Treats on any account if we have reason to believe you are abusing the scheme or associated offers.
  • Pro Treat points earned expire after 24 months.
  • From 30th August 2021, Pro Treat points that are over 24 months old and not used, will no longer be valid.
  • Where a Customer account is closed, any unused Pro Treat Points will no longer be valid. 
  • To benefit from Pro Treats you must be a United Kingdom resident.
  • For any further enquiries about Pro Treats, please call 01635 581 958 option 1 or email

Collecting Pro Treats

  • The standard number of points you will collect are 1 Pro Treats for every whole £1 you spend on qualifying purchases (inclusive of VAT).
  • Pro Treat points will not be awarded on delivery charges.
  • 1 Pro Treats are not awarded for part £ spent. Therefore if £1.50 is spent (for example), you will receive 1 Pro Treats not receive 2 Pro Treats on a pro rata basis.
  • One Pro Treat point is worth one penny to spend on products online at We will not exchange Pro Treats for cash and the offer is non-transferable.
  • Pro Treats can only be collected through online purchases. You will not receive Pro Treats for telephone or show orders.
  • After you complete a qualifying order, your Pro Treat points will be added within 48 hours.
  • Orders paid for with Pro Treats or other forms of point credits (for example, E-wallet) are not eligible for further Pro Treats.
  • Some UK accounts are not eligible to collect and redeem Pro Treats. If you are one of these accounts you will be notified separately.

Redeeming Pro Treats 

  • You must collect a minimum of 100 points to be able redeem them.
  • 100 points will redeem £1 and therefore credit £1 into your E-wallet.
  • Pro Treat points can only be redeemed points in blocks of 100. For example, you can redeem £1 with 100 points or £2 with 200 points, but not £1.50 with 150 points.
  • Once you have at least 100 points, go to the ‘Account’ section, then click ‘My Points’, then click ‘Convert points to E-wallet’. This will mean your Pro Treat points have been converted into E-wallet credit which is ready to spend. This credit is not convertible to cash or refund credit.
  • Points can only be redeemed in multiples of 100. Any left over points that aren't a multiple of 100 will remain on your account until the next time you redeem. For example; if you have 132 points, you will be able to redeem £1 worth of credit and the other 32 points will remain on your account.  

Spending Pro Treats

  • To spend the points you must be logged into your online account. Create an order as normal. When you come to pay, the credit in your E-wallet will be automatically deducted from your order unless you select for them not to be.
  • You can either use your Pro Treats to cover the entire cost of a product, or as a part payment towards an order.
  • Spending points may be subject to network and product availability online.
  • Pro Treats can only be redeemed against online purchases. You cannot redeem Pro Treats on telephone orders or show orders.

Returning Goods

  • If you return a product for a refund, we will deduct the number of Pro Treats collected from this purchase.
  • If a product you buy with Pro Treats is faulty, please return it. If necessary, we will credit your account with the right number of Pro Treats. No cash refund will be given in these circumstances.