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Labradoodle Grooming

The Labradoodle is a hybrid breed; a cross of a Labrador with either a standard or miniature poodle and like both of these breeds the Labradoodle is known for being intelligent and friendly. However, the Labradoodle is mainly recognised for its curly coat of hair. Here’s how best to keep that beautiful coat in its best condition.

How Often Should A Labradoodle Be Groomed?

The Labradoodle’s curly coat requires a bit more attention than others; by getting your Labradoodle’s hair clipped two to four times a year, this will keep the coat short and make it much easier to maintain. When their hair is short (around 2 inches) you should be regularly brushing it with a pin brush or slicker brush. However, once it is any longer you’ll need to be making sure you’re reaching the base of the hair to make sure none of the hair gets matted.

Should You Shave A Labradoodle?

Short answer is: no. You should never shave your Labradoodle down to their skin, this will only cause them to overheat and overexpose them to sunburn and sore spots. The only real time your Labradoodle should be shaved is for medical purposes.

When Should A Labradoodle Get Their First Haircut?

A Labradoodle typically loses its puppy coat at 6 to 12 months old depending on which type of coat it inherits from its parents. If you notice around this time your Labradoodle could do with a haircut then this is the time! It can be useful to get your puppy used to grooming prior to this but it is important not to cut their coat too early.




How Do I Keep My Labradoodle From Matting?

The best way to stop your Labradoodle’s hair from matting is from regular brushing. A good technique for the Labradoodle’s hair is line brushing. Line brushing is simply where you part the pup’s coat with your free hand, brushing the loose hair on one side starting from the base. With every other brush stroke you bring in more hair from your hand so you are brushing another layer. Doing this intensive brushing regularly will ensure that no matting is happening around the base of your Labradoodle’s hair, making daily, ordinary brushing a much more enjoyable experience.


Does Labradoodle Hair Change?

Like most dogs, the Labradoodle goes through the change from puppy coat to adult coat around the 6-12 months age range. This is when grooming is essential as you must manually groom out the old, dead coat to avoid matting.



How Often Should A Labradoodle Be Bathed?

Your Labradoodle should be bathed every 2 to 3 weeks. This regular bathing pattern is important for their health; reducing their hair from getting tangled and allows you to notice body irregularities quickly. Regular bathing will also keep your pup’s oil production regular and help keep their coat silky and shiny.


How Do I Trim My Labradoodle’s Eyes?

Depending on your Labradoodle’s hair type their coat can soon become unruly and begin to block their view. It is important that your Labradoodle should always be able to see and not have their hair hanging down. Using blunt scissors trim the hair that hangs over the eyes across the brow, blending it down the sides of their face.


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