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Total Grooming April 2015

Total Grooming April 2015

Total Grooming Magazine April 2015. A feature in the new products section for our Pet Paint products.


Pet Paint Spray Paint - £8.49

These spray can hair dyes are specifically designed for use on animals and are veterinary tested to ensure they are non-toxic. It is available in a variety of vibrant colours and there are also several stencil styles to choose from, enabling you to easily create animal patterns or popular shapes. To use the product, simply shake the can, place the template and spray on. To create more vibrant colour, begin with white pet paint and spray another colour over the top as a second layer. Use Pet Paint Setting Spray to keep colour for long and wash or brush out the colour when it is no longer wanted. Pet paint colour stocked by Groomers include black, blue, pink and red.


Pet Paint Setting Spray - £15.95

Use this setting spray once the spray paint is dry to produce longer-lasting colour that customers will truly appreciate after creative grooming. This professional quality, dog-friendly fixative spray is designed to reduce colour transfer and can also be used for light styling. This substance is veterinary tested to ensure that it is not toxic to animals.