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Groomers Exclusive Scissor Collection

Groomers Exclusive Scissor Collection

Our Groomers exclusive scissor range is our brand new collection of left and right-handed scissors designed and developed exclusively for Groomers. Catering to the skill level of every groomer, we have curated three essential ranges.

A must-have tool in any Groomer’s collection, our durable and sustainable scissors serve as quality, dependable staples in your kit. Whether you’re a pet owner looking to maintain your dog’s groom at home, a student groomer in training, or a professional requiring sturdy, workhorse scissors for a busy day in the salon, our scissors are suited to every skillset. With a clear focus on crafting a sustainable collection, we have mindfully selected only the highest quality materials that are both recycled and recyclable. Our scissors are engineered with comfort, manoeuvrability, and ergonomics in mind, and have been curated with superiority, finesse and performance at the forefront. Our collection also comes in protective packaging, helping you care for and maintain your essential tools.

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The Aurelia range is a gorgeously crafted collection of premium Rose Gold scissors, created from resilient recycled and recyclable Japanese stainless steel that offers sharp precision, sturdiness and professional grade performance, whilst remaining lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. These scissors also have increased blade durability and prolonged scissor working life. Specifically designed for experienced professional groomers, this collection offers maximum accuracy and control, aiding your grooms with effortless finesse and adding some class and splendour to your scissor collection. Engineered to last and work beautifully through heavy-duty cutting and professional everyday use. 



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The Topaz range is a beautifully made collection of blue gemmed scissors, crafted from sturdy recycled and recyclable stainless steel that offers precision and excellent performance. Available in left-handed and right-handed ranges, it is ideal for professional groomers wanting to add some class and dynamism to their scissor collection. These scissors are designed to last and work beautifully through heavy-duty cutting and professional everyday use.



Shop the Topaz Collection
Shop the Topaz Collection

"Very light and comfortable and gives a nice smooth cut. No issues on cutting through different coats" - Sadie, Professional Groomer


The Simply G range is a high quality scissor collection that is excellent value for money. Ideal for students or professional groomers, the robust, recycled and recyclable stainless steel makes these scissors perfect for anyone learning the art of grooming, but also allows them to act as great workhorse tools for everyday and heavy-duty grooming.



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