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Boxer Grooming


How often do boxers need to be groomed?

Boxers are renowned for their short and shiny coats, and this means that they are pretty low maintenance when it comes to grooming. Unlike many other dogs, you will find that your boxer’s grooming routine entails more bath times than brush times. Washing your boxer is essential to remove hidden dirt and to prevent your dog from becoming smelly. You should aim to wash your boxer around once every three weeks so that you can keep on top of the condition of their coat.

Can you shave a boxer dog?

Contrary to popular belief, shaving your dog isn’t always the best option. Shaving down a dog can cause irregularities in their body temperature as it doesn’t help to cool them down during the summer months. Dogs need their coats for protection against dirt as well as heat regulation and shaving them can, unfortunately, cause more damage than good. Grooming, of course, is essential to keeping your dog looking clean and tidy, but shaving isn’t going to help so we would advise against that as a method.




How do I stop my boxer from shedding?

Unfortunately, you cannot completely prevent your boxer from shedding hair; however, there are some methods that you can use to minimise moulting. The best way to avoid excessive shedding is to tackle the problem before it takes over your home. By this, we mean that you should groom your dog and ensure you are removing excess and loose hair from their coats. If you are grooming and bathing them as you see fit, you should find that the amount of hair left around your home dramatically reduces. Brushing and bathing your dog will remove any dead hair that is dispelled naturally from your boxer’s coat before they have the chance to stick in your sofa and carpets. You should find that if you are grooming and bathing them correctly, the amount of hair left around your home dramatically reduces.


What is the best brush for a boxer?

Boxers are a breed of dog which have short coats, and it is therefore widely recommended that you use a bristle brush.  The reason that bristle brushes are recommended for short-coated dogs, like the boxer breed, is because it is the most effective in collecting and eradicating the old hair. You will want to use a brush which can rake the dead hair from your boxer’s coat to prevent it from gathering around the house. Another benefit of using a bristle brush on your dog is the stimulation of blood flow which can encourage the growth of new hair.


Why is my boxer losing his hair?

If you find that your boxer is losing more hair than is usual for the moulting season, you may find that your dog is suffering from the condition ‘seasonal flank alopecia’. This condition is often caused by a sudden change in temperature and light which ultimately becomes apparent through noticeable patches of hair loss. Research has suggested this condition is most prevalent in boxers during the autumn and spring months and that there is no treatment needed as this hair will grow back in the following months naturally. However, if you are concerned about significant hair loss in your boxer, then please visit your local vet to find out more information.


How do you wash a boxer dog?

Washing your boxer is a big part of grooming for this breed, ensuring that their coat is kept in top condition. Many people believe that washing your boxer once every three weeks is the frequency needed to ensure you aren’t over-washing your dog. If however,  you have been on lots of muddy walks, you may feel as though you need to wash your dog on a more frequent basis. Using a light shampoo and massaging your hands through your boxer’s coat will make sure that you are getting all grime out of the hair. This is also more gentle on your dog, and you should aim to use a shower hose as opposed to a garden hose as they are significantly less powerful.  If you can avoid bathing your dog, you should;  over-shampooing your dog can cause skin irritation as well as the loss of vital oils and vitamins from their coat. A top tip for dirt on your dog that doesn’t seem bath-worthy is to use a damp cloth to rub across their coat.


Do boxers need baths?

Yes, like many other dog breeds, boxers will need washing from time to time to ensure you keep them smelling and looking great. As previously mentioned, it is essential to bathe your dogs, but you must be careful not to overwash your dog as this can lead to issues with skin and coat conditions. If you feel as though your boxer doesn’t require the once every three weeks bathtime, look at the condition of your dog’s coat to ensure that you aren’t causing dry or dull patches. You will learn to understand how your individual dog’s coat reacts and know how long you can leave it between washes. 


How do you cut a boxer's nails?

Cutting your boxer’s nails is vital to making sure that your dog is comfortable when walking. It can be challenging to find the perfect length, too short can sometimes be just as damaging and debilitating as too long. The best way to go about cutting a boxer’s nails is to use clippers and trim the ends of the nail off. You must be careful when cutting your dog’s nails as there is a nerve down the centre, and damage to this could cause serious problems. If you are unsure about trimming your dog’s nails yourself, contact your local groomer for advice or an appointment.



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