Ultimate Guide to Dogs

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Sneak Peek: Groomers Brush & Tool Guide

Did you know that we have a fantastic grooming resources web section? It’s full of product help, event information and useful videos. We’re very fond of our grooming product guides, designed for students and for groomers who might want a reminder! You can download them, print them out and keep them in a file or have them on your computer to look at any time! Here’s a peek of what you’ll find in our Groomers Brush & Tool Guide: Slicker Brush Appearance: Fine wire pins secured to a solid base,... Read More

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How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

How often you bathe your dog really depends on a couple of factors: How often they get dirty or smelly If they need a medicated bath regularly As a general rule, bathing once a month is fine for most dogs to keep on top of dirt and odour. Some dogs that have wonderfully clean coats can get away with being bathed less regularly than this. Dogs that have very oily or houndy-smelling coats may be bathed more frequently to keep their coats clean and fresh. Please avoid bathing your pet... Read More


Puppy Socialisation Tips

Why Do Puppies Need Socialising? Socialising puppies involves lots of pleasant encounters with other animals, humans and environments. It’s easy to do, and it could mean the difference between a fearful dog and one that is happy and willing to make new friends. How Do I Socialise My Puppy? The younger the puppy, the easier it is and the quicker it will learn. Between 3 and 12 weeks, the puppy needs to be in contact with lots of people, animals and situations. This is the critical period in which the... Read More


Breed Profile: The Standard Poodle

Best in Show for Crufts 2014 was awarded to Afterglow Maverick Sabre, better known as “Ricky”, a handsome Standard Poodle owned by his handler Jason Lynn together with John and Sandra Stone. This popular breed is instantly recognisable, with their elegant gait, proud, balanced physique, and often remarkable clips. Here is our introduction to this beautiful and intelligent breed.


The Genetic History of Dogs: Top 10 Facts and Theories

Where do dogs come from? It is only natural to wonder how the domestic dog came into being, considering that they hold such an important part in our lives. The origin of our faithful fidos has always been a difficult question, however. The domestication of dogs occurred such a long time ago that it is difficult to determine their ancestors, especially when combined with selective breeding over tens of thousands of years.

An Introduction to Hybrid Dogs

Producing a hybrid or “designer dog” involves the deliberate crossbreeding of two different types of pedigree dog together. These dogs are not mongrels, as the crossbreeding process is deliberate. Dogs are carefully chosen to combine personality and appearance traits of the two different breeds.

Mental Exercises for Your Dog

We all know how important it is for dogs to get regular physical exercise, but it is also vital that we provide our pets with mental stimulation on a daily basis. Boredom can cause negative behaviours such as depression or destructiveness, so it is important to keep your dog mentally and physically fit.


An Introduction to Hand Stripping

Hand stripping is a grooming process that involves removing dead hairs from the coat by hand instead of clipping to keep the coat tidy and healthy. Completed twice a year in spring and autumn, it speeds up the natural process of growth and moulting.


More Dogs with Jobs

Dogs have been at our side throughout history, and over time have been given more and more roles in our society. Our pet dogs provide us with companionship and love on a daily basis, but there are also innumerate dogs around the world who work with us on a daily basis. Last week we looked at rescue, assistance and sniffer dogs - today we will look at what other areas working dogs play in our lives past and present.