Top 5s

An Introduction to Hybrid Dogs

Producing a hybrid or “designer dog” involves the deliberate crossbreeding of two different types of pedigree dog together. These dogs are not mongrels, as the crossbreeding process is deliberate. Dogs are carefully chosen to combine personality and appearance traits of the two different breeds.


Top 5 Common Rider Injuries

Horse riding will always carry a certain degree of risk – riders are often elevated 2m from the ground, and horses can travel at speeds of up to 40km per hour, after all. But what are the most common rider injuries to occur?


Top 5 Must See Equestrian Events

We are lucky to have such an active, prolific equestrian calendar here in the UK, but what are the key events that ever horse lover should experience at least once in their lifetime? Here is our selection of five key events from the international equestrian calendar:

Top Five Dog Friendly Beaches

Summer is not complete without a trip to the beach, and it is one of life’s great pleasures to walk along the sand with your canine companion. Beaches are a great place to take your dog – offering wide open spaces for him to run, swim and play.

Five Ways Dog Groomers can Diversify their Business

Diversifying the services your business offers is something every dog groomer should consider from time to time. While adding additional services might not be suitable for every business, these extra little touches can really help boost revenue, attract new customers, and place you ahead of the competition.