Top 5s

5 Festive Salon Window Ideas

  Increase customers and profits this Christmas by turning your salon window into a festive display for your retail products: 1. Snow Scene. For those whose primary retail sales are in pet jumpers and coats. Use some fake snow or white covering as the base of your snow scene. Use some dummies, like the Trixie Model Dog to show off your best-selling apparel. 2. Christmas Dinner. Dogs love treats, and our Christmas range has plenty of festive-themed snacks. Make a centrepiece from our Christmas Pudding and lay out each table... Read More


5 Creative Grooming Ideas for Christmas

Include pets in the festivities with these fun creative grooming ideas: 1. Candy Canes. Try alternating red and white colour diagonally up the legs and tail. Finish with semi circles along the body to complete the shape or end them at the top of the legs to simplify. 2. Polar bear. For dogs with thick or curly coats. Use white colour to cover the whole body if not naturally white, then create a teddy bear clip for a cute take on this Arctic animal. For a more lifelike style, leave belly and... Read More

Top 10 Winter Hoof and Leg Care Tips

    Keep horse’s hooves and legs healthy by following this helpful advice: 1. Pick out feet every day with a hoof pick. 2. Check shoes for wear and tear regularly, and have the farrier trim every 5-6 weeks. 3. Consider putting over reach boots on, to help prevent shoes being pulled off. 4. Apply oil such as Veredus Golden Oil regularly to prevent split hooves and to help protect from bacteria. 5. Apply grease to the bottom of the hoof to help avoid build ups of compacted ice and snow.... Read More

Top 5 Winter Turnouts

1. The Bridleway Whistler Winter Turnout Rug includes a detachable neck set, ideal for use in winter weather to provide extra protection. It is lightweight, featuring a 600 denier waterproof outer layer in rip-stop fabric and a 220g filling. The rug includes headcollar loops to easily attach reins or lead ropes when necessary. 2.  The Funnell Middleweight Turnout Rug offers comfort and protection with a 600 denier outer layer with a rip-stop waterproof shell and a 250g cotton lining. Neck Cover sold separately. 3. Try the Shires Stormbreaker Combo Rug... Read More


More Must See Horse Events

We are lucky to have such an active, prolific equestrian calendar here in the UK, but what are the key events that every horse lover should experience at least once in their lifetime? Last time we covered The Hickstead Derby, The Grand National, The Kentucky Derby, Badminton Horse Trials and The Olympics, but there are few more exciting events to experience.

Top 5 Tips for Keeping Your Dog’s Coat Matt Free

Matts are solid clumps of fur that can form anywhere on your pet, but are usually found around the ears, the armpits, legs, the groin area and between the toes. Dogs with long, woolly or silky coats are more prone to develop matting.


Top 5 Tips for Enhancing Your Business at Christmas

There are a variety of quick and simple ways for dog groomers to boost sales during the Christmas season. A little well planned Christmas prep, combined with a good service can leave a lasting impression, and have customers returning long into the New Year.