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Top 10 Stocking Fillers For Pets

  Treat pets this festive season with these stocking fillers: 1. Festive Fragrance Duo Pack. Try out our new Frosted Apple All-Purpose Shampoo and Plum Pudding Fragrance Spray to have pets smelling like Christmas. 2. Hatchwells Mini Carob Christmas Puddings. New this year are these tasty carob treats for dogs decorated as Christmas puddings. 3. Hatchwells Truffles. These new dog-friendly truffles are made from meat and cereals to make delicious treats. 4. Santa’s Little Yelper Festive Dog Bandana. Get pets their own festive clothing. This red bandana features simple gold... Read More

10 Tips for Equine Winter Grooming

  Keep equine grooming simple this winter with our helpful advice: 1. Brush the horse off daily and check for any nicks or cuts hidden by mud. 2. If grooming outside and the horse is mostly clipped,  leave the rug folded over the horse’s quarters while you work. 3. Use turnouts with deep cuts and neck covers to keep the horse as clean as possible. If not clipped, use a lightweight rug which gives the same coverage. 4. For stubborn stains use water-less shampoos like Groomers Quick Wash Equine Shampoo for... Read More

Top 10 Items for a Groomers Christmas List

    Add these essentials to your list this Christmas: 1. Festive Scented Shampoo. The Groomers Frosted Apple All-Purpose Shampoo is the newest addition to our Festive Fragrance Collection this year so get salon visitors in the spirit of Christmas with this scrumptious scent. 2. Fragrance Spray.  The NEW Plum Pudding Fragrance Spray, scented with sweet toffee will add festive cheer to all coat types. Available in stocking filler size. 3. Creative Grooming Accessories. Stock up on creative grooming products like Pawdicure polish pens and spray on colour, or get a festive... Read More


Top Tips for Calm Pets During Fireworks

Halloween and bonfire night are two ghoulish celebrations that many pets do not appreciate.  During the season of fires, fireworks and trick-or-treaters keep dogs and cats calm with our helpful recommendations: 1. Ensure your dog enjoys an energetic walk to help tire them out. 2. Keep pets inside. Create a den to help them feel more secure, this may simply mean placing their dog bed under the table and then ensuring the curtains or blinds are drawn to screen flashing lights. make one for them. Our Pet Cave would make... Read More

Top 10 Most Important Purchases for Start-Up Groomers

You can find all this equipment and more in our Salon Package. This salon package is the most comprehensive we offer, providing a large range of key products to equip you through every aspect of dog grooming, and offers you a saving of over £125 compared to buying each item individually.


Top 10 Professional Development Tips for Dog Groomers

With all professional dog groomers, learning should not simply finish once you have completed your training. No matter how comprehensive or thorough your study was, there is always room for professional development. We at Groomers have therefore created our top ten list of useful ways all dog groomers can develop their skills.


How to Take Really Great Photos of Your Work

It’s great to have photographic examples of your work, to use on your website, for marketing materials or you use as examples for new or unsure customers. It is however important to take a good quality picture for the true value of your work to shine through.


The Genetic History of Dogs: Top 10 Facts and Theories

Where do dogs come from? It is only natural to wonder how the domestic dog came into being, considering that they hold such an important part in our lives. The origin of our faithful fidos has always been a difficult question, however. The domestication of dogs occurred such a long time ago that it is difficult to determine their ancestors, especially when combined with selective breeding over tens of thousands of years.