Equine Valentine Gifts

Treat your friends and partners with horse-related gifts this February. Groomers have a host of gifts available for you to choose from, and here are our five picks: Horse Patterned Tote Bag This sophisticated bag features a repeating pattern of horses and horseshoes in chocolate and cream. The bag is constructed from a wipe-clean canvas, and features a zipper and Velcro closure. It has one main compartment with two interior pockets as well as a sizeable rear flap pocket. A perfect accessory for days out. Wallet Find the matching wallet... Read More


Dog-Lovers Jewellery

February is all about sharing the love, and what better way to show you care than with jewellery? Groomers have a varied range of dog-related gifts that may be just the thing you are looking for this Valentine’s Day. Necklaces and Earrings See our whole gift range for stylish pewter necklaces with paw print motifs and simple but effective designs. We also have matching earrings for these necklaces to make an eye catching set. Rings We currently have two pewter rings in a range of sizes, inscribed with simple words... Read More


Salon Treatment Ideas for the New Year

The New Year is an ideal time to bring out a new treatment. Here are our suggestions: Dog Massage: This relaxation technique can be used in conjunction with various other spa products to create several packages, including a treatment for sore spots and deep-conditioning. If you don’t know where to start, take a course, go to a seminar or read The Complete Dog Massage Manual. Spa Bath: Try a spa bath or a dog Jacuzzi to help massage animals whist being bathed. This will help relax joints and muscles and... Read More

Groomers Christmas Opening Times

Here are our Christmas opening times for you all to look at. We will not be opening on the bank holidays, and our times are slightly changed from usual on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. However, our business is running as normal between the 27th and the 30th of December. 24th: 8am – 1pm 25th: Closed 26th: Closed 27th to 30th: 8am – 5pm 31st: 8am – 4pm 1st: Closed Please remember that post will be severely altered by the Christmas season and that any orders placed after the... Read More

Young Rider Winter Wear

Keep younger riders warm and safe this winter with our clothing range: Pull-on Jodphurs These Jodphurs are designed with children in mind as they come in a range of colours, they pull on and have a draw cord waist. Available in sizes from a 22 to 30 inch waist and in navy, stone, grey with pink seat, navy with sky seat, cranberry with pink or grey with black. Bridleway Children’s Half-Chaps Protect calves from chafing or dirt, support the leg and keep young riders warmer with these half-chaps, available in... Read More

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Winter Health Check

Give pets a thorough health check by following these tips: Feet: Paws can become damaged and dry from de-icing chemicals and ice. Salt will inflame delicate pads or snow may become compacted, causing discomfort. To prevent this, ensure that hair between pads is kept short and attempt to clean feet as soon as the animal is indoors. Try dog boots or paw wax for protection. Temperature: Ensure pets don’t stay outdoors or in cold cars for too long and if necessary, get them a dog coat for protection. Dry dogs as... Read More


Make a Pet Toy for Christmas

These DIY pet toys are perfect for some last-minute presents: Cat: Instant Jingle Ball. You Will Need: Plastic rounded container with a lid, for example, a medicine container. Four jingle bells Duct tape Festive paper Directions: Take a plastic container and wash out carefully. Take the jingle bells and place inside. Duct Tape the lid shut. Wrap it in some festive paper. You now have a toy that will keep cats entertained for hours. Dog: Ball on a Rope. You Will Need: Festive fabric cut into three strips: Two 25... Read More

Quick Christmas Horse Toy

Treat your horse this festive season with a fast and easy to make toy: Healthy Christmas Treat Decoration You will need: Twine Apple Corer Knife Ingredients: A small number of horse-friendly fruit or vegetables such as swedes, parsnips, bananas or cucumbers. We used the following items for a festive look: 2 turnips 2 pears 4 apples in red and green Directions: 1. Cut the turnips in half to produce four equal pieces. You may wish to cut either end off in you prefer. 2. Core the apples, pears and the... Read More

5 Festive Salon Window Ideas

  Increase customers and profits this Christmas by turning your salon window into a festive display for your retail products: 1. Snow Scene. For those whose primary retail sales are in pet jumpers and coats. Use some fake snow or white covering as the base of your snow scene. Use some dummies, like the Trixie Model Dog to show off your best-selling apparel. 2. Christmas Dinner. Dogs love treats, and our Christmas range has plenty of festive-themed snacks. Make a centrepiece from our Christmas Pudding and lay out each table... Read More

How to Measure for a Horse Rug

Ensure your turnout rugs are well-fitted this winter with this useful guide: Measure your horse before buying a new rug to avoid having to take it back. Some sellers may feel that because it has hair and grease on it, it is no longer in a saleable condition and will refuse to refund. Measure the horse from the centre of the chest horizontally until the measure is in line with the base of the tail. Ensure you have the measurement in inches and centimetres as rugs are measured in different... Read More