Top 5 Products to Spoil Your Dog!

Today is National Spoil Your Dog Day, and you can spoil them rotten with our pampering bathing products! Here are our top 5: Ochah Mud Scrubs Every dog we know loves a mud bath, and these are the mud baths that you’ll actually want them to have! A relaxing session with one of these mud scrubs helps reduce shedding and leaves the coat and skin nourished! Ochah Shampoos Along with the mud scrubs, the Ochah shampoos all feature the therapeutic powers of Dead Sea Minerals and natural oils with soothing... Read More

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Itchy Skin Solutions!

Summer comes with all sorts of skin issues for pets, from parasite bites to allergic rashes, to dry skin… the list goes on. One thing about them is really noticeable though – they all make the dog unbelievably itchy! This blog is dedicated to stopping the itch once and for all! Today we’re sharing our top five products designed to reduce inflammation, hydrate thoroughly and soothe the skin: 1. The Ochah shampoo and mud scrub range. Dead Sea ingredients are known for their soothing properties, and this bathing range is... Read More


Help Hot Dogs This Summer

Did you know that this month is National Hot Dog Month? We won’t be talking to you about the delicious snack though, instead it’s all about dogs and protecting them from hot weather. So, what can affect dogs, and how can we help? Dehydration As with humans, dogs are at risk of dehydration in the heat. As dogs have very few sweat glands, they cool themselves via panting, which can leave them extremely dehydrated. That means they need plenty of fresh water. Find our selection of bowls here: http://bit.ly/2r40vfC Heatstroke... Read More

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Summery, Fruity Scents Customers Will Love

Y is for Yum… Which is exactly what our range of fabulously fruity shampoos and conditioners will make you say after you have smelled them! You can’t go wrong with a fragrant, tropical scent in summer, and this applies to pooches too! We think you’ll love our range of scrumptious-smelling bathing products, so we’ve rounded them up for you. Find our summery, fruity scents here: http://bit.ly/2tbb7wq


Doggy Dehydration

We’re sure you’re aware of the fact that as the weather hots up, dogs can find it difficult to keep their cool. In the salon, the heat can be even more intense, so what can we do to stop doggy dehydration? Signs of Dehydration Lethargy Loss of appetite Dry mouth Sunken Eyes The best way to find out if a dog might be dehydrated is to lift the skin at the ruff of the neck. It should spring back, but if it stays wrinkly, the dog might be dehydrated and... Read More

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Shedding and Moulting and Hair – Oh My!

The weather is getting marginally warmer and you know what that means – hair. And lots of it. Our furry best friends are going to start moulting. Here’s our pick of the BEST products to combat the fluff: Detangling shampoo – for extra lubrication A high-velocity blaster – really gets shed hair up and away from the skin for easy brushing Face masks and goggles – the hair gets everywhere so make sure you’re protected Detangling spray – make moulted hair slide out of the coat with ease Slicker Brush... Read More

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Cold Weather Survival For Dogs

Don’t let the cold weather get to your pets this January! Save paws from getting too frosty, rescue noses from cracking and save skin from drying up with the Natural Dog Company, and don’t forget to wrap them up after wet walks to help them dry quicker without losing too much heat. Find products to help you here: http://bit.ly/2jHSs7o

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Firework Focus – Keeping Dogs Calm

It’s getting close to that time of year where there are firework displays, crowded events and changes in the home dynamic. For some pets, this can be a very stressful time, so ensuring that you and your customers are prepared is of the utmost importance. Here are 3 ways you can be prepared: Ensure you buy calming products so that you can sell them on to customers. Care for animals after their grooming session by supplying owners with the items they need in a retail section of your salon. That... Read More

Salon Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year again, the time when we do battle with our homes and declutter. Make life easy in the salon with brand new cleaning products. Here are our top 5: Anigene Disinfectant A high level disinfectant cleaning liquid that destroys bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores on contact. This multi-purpose surface disinfectant is biodegradable under OECD conditions, and is non-fragranced, making it ideal for use in pet grooming salons. Bentley Slip-Not Broom The Bentley Slip-Not Broom is a heavy-duty utility broom, ideal for sweeping up hair and for... Read More