Convex Edge Scissors and Why You Need Them!

What Is A Convex Edge? Convex is the shape given to a blade where the surface is curved similarly to the exterior of a circle. It tapers down to a fine point on the cutting edge. Why Are They Great For Groomers? The fine point at the edge of the blade allows for an extremely sharp cutting edge that tends to last longer than that of a bevelled, serrated cutting edge. This extra sharp blade means that you can have clean, precise scissoring, which is perfect for finishing work on... Read More


The Secret to Sharp Scissoring

S is for Snip, snip! That’s right, it’s time to shine the spotlight on bathing products that help you to get that perfect scissoring finish! Scissoring Shampoos To make scissoring that much easier, you need a shampoo that cleans extremely thoroughly, taking away all grease and dirt and allowing the hair to stand straight out from the skin after it has been dried. For that, we recommend Groomers Scissoring Prep Shampoo of course! Scissoring Sprays These handy sprays are used to help keep hair standing straight upright, making it much... Read More


What Makes a Good Scissor? Part 3

What Makes a Good Scissor? Ergonomics Scissor handles come in a lot of shapes and sizes, with some being very simple to others that have all the latest ergonomic design qualities. First, we recommend a scissor that fits perfectly in your hand. Too short or too long a handle could be all the difference when it comes to straining your hand. For scissors that you’ll be handling for a long period of time, we really recommend an offset, crane style handle, where the thumb is angled downwards from the shear.... Read More


Scissor Storage Solutions!

A great pair of scissors are worth their weight in gold when it comes to grooming, so we need to make sure they are looked after. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure they’re secure at all times. That means,: No leaving them on the table for dogs to kick off Investing in a carry pouch or a tool rack to keep them out of the way Safe storage while not in use in a case, holder or bag Here are a few of our... Read More


Your Guide To Scissor Anatomy

Not sure about scissors or simply want to know a little bit more about them? The Groomers Scissor Guide is filled with useful and interesting information to help you choose the best scissor. You can find it in our recently redesigned Grooming Resources website section, along with lots of other product guides. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll see – a crash course in scissor anatomy: Find the Scissor Guide and more here: http://bit.ly/2qQcYFt


What Makes a Good Scissor? Part 2

What Makes a Good Scissor – Blade Edge Usually, grooming scissor blades either have a serrated blade or a convex blade. The serrated blade has a bevelled edge with tiny grooves that help to hold hair in place while scissoring. It’s a good workhorse and is great for quick scissoring to get the shape you want. It enables easy scissoring for beginners and students. The convex blade facilitates smooth, sharp cutting. It generally stays sharper for longer than the serrated blade. It’s brilliant for more advanced groomers who would like... Read More


What Makes a Good Scissor For You?

We can talk about superior blade edges and handle styles, but what is really important is that you buy a scissor that is comfortable and easy for you to use. Here are our tips for getting the best scissor for you: Check the handle. To make sure you’ll have the most natural hand movement, you need the best fit. Ensuring the handle is the correct length for your fingers is very important, as a too-short or too-long handle could cause strain injuries to the tendons in your hands. Luckily, there... Read More