Get Your Salon Spick & Span

Get ready to spring clean your salon! Find the salon hygiene section here: http://bit.ly/1XvebJ9 We’ve chosen our favourite products to help you get it done in no time: Aqueos Ready-To-Use Canine Disinfectant and Deodoriser – Sterilise all your surfaces and flooring Barbicide Cleaning Liquid – Give your tools a thorough clean PetWear Wash Bag – Jumbo – Keep your towels clean and your machine hair-free Groomers RidASect Insecticide Powder – Make doubly sure there are no bugs in the vicinity


Five Products to Keep Your Salon Flea and Tick Free

  You no longer have to worry about a flea-invested dog when one walks into your salon. Just make sure you have these products handy to ensure your salon is always protected. Canovel Home Blitz Fumigation Pack A double pack of smoke generators that kill a range of insects, including fleas and ticks. For the best results, use as soon as you close the salon and leave overnight. Groomers RidASect Insecticide Powder This powder is ideal for sprinkling over your salon to kill unwanted fleas and ticks, and is also... Read More

Salon Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year again, the time when we do battle with our homes and declutter. Make life easy in the salon with brand new cleaning products. Here are our top 5: Anigene Disinfectant A high level disinfectant cleaning liquid that destroys bacteria, fungi, viruses and spores on contact. This multi-purpose surface disinfectant is biodegradable under OECD conditions, and is non-fragranced, making it ideal for use in pet grooming salons. Bentley Slip-Not Broom The Bentley Slip-Not Broom is a heavy-duty utility broom, ideal for sweeping up hair and for... Read More


Top 5 Tips For Retail in the Grooming Salon

You can increase your profits easily by displaying items that you have available for customers to buy in your salon. Learn how with our tips: 1. Choose which products to sell. You can choose from a vast array of items to sell, from food, to toys, to grooming liquids and equipment. First, you should think about the dogs that come in. Are the dogs mostly long haired, short haired, large or small. What type of coat do they tend to have? 2. Then think about your customers. Do your customers often... Read More