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More Dog Days – Less Bug Days

We’re hoping for a few more dog days of summer before August is over, but even that can become problematic if pets come into contact with ticks and fleas while they’re enjoying the sun. Our answer? Ridasect of course! We think it’s always best to be prepared for anything, which is why we’re offering 25% off Selected Ridasect products! You can make sure your dogs, cats, home and workplace are all protected! Find this offer here: http://bit.ly/2w29M9k


Five Products to Keep Your Salon Flea and Tick Free

  You no longer have to worry about a flea-invested dog when one walks into your salon. Just make sure you have these products handy to ensure your salon is always protected. Canovel Home Blitz Fumigation Pack A double pack of smoke generators that kill a range of insects, including fleas and ticks. For the best results, use as soon as you close the salon and leave overnight. Groomers RidASect Insecticide Powder This powder is ideal for sprinkling over your salon to kill unwanted fleas and ticks, and is also... Read More