Make The Most Of Salon Retailing This Christmas

Christmas is one of the most lucrative times of the year in most business’s calendars. People are buying gifts for loved ones and feeling festive enough to treat themselves and others, and that includes their pets! That’s where you come in. As a grooming salon owner, you’re already set to have a busy Christmas period, but have you thought about doing a little bit more to get a nice bonus by Christmas day? It’s all about retail sales. You may already have a retailing section, and that’s great! People are... Read More

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Retailing in Small Spaces

Retailing is a really great way of making the salon a little bit of extra money, and we know that many of you only have small salons where space is mainly taken up by all-important baths and tables. The question is; how can you make retailing work in a small area? Think carefully about what you sell Selling the right products is the key, since you won’t have a lot of space to display them or keep much stock. Think about what the majority of your customers need: disposable items... Read More