Responsible Dog Ownership


Top Tips for Grooming an Unruly Doodle Coat

Doodle breeds have taken the world by storm in recent years. We’ve fallen head over heels in love with Labradoodles, Cockapoos, Cavapoos and Poochons. But with all that wavy fluff comes a bucket-load of maintenance for us dog owners. In fact, Doodle coats are some of the most difficult to keep in tip-top shape. Doodle coats can vary in type, from scruffy doodles to the more woollen or fleecy varieties. But all doodles will benefit from a regular grooming regime to keep them tidy, happy and healthy. Without a daily... Read More

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How To Bathe a Puppy

This bank holiday weekend, we’re giving you 20% OFF Groomers Shampoos with code BANKHOL20, so now is a great time to stock up on your puppy shampoo! Want to know how to safely bathe your puppy? Read our tips and find out: You should bathe your puppy when they are visibly dirty or smelly to keep then clean. How often will depend on the puppy, as some are particularly dirty and will need a bath regularly while others may not. When is it safe to bathe? Ideally, your puppy should... Read More


Puppy Socialisation Tips

Why Do Puppies Need Socialising? Socialising puppies involves lots of pleasant encounters with other animals, humans and environments. It’s easy to do, and it could mean the difference between a fearful dog and one that is happy and willing to make new friends. How Do I Socialise My Puppy? The younger the puppy, the easier it is and the quicker it will learn. Between 3 and 12 weeks, the puppy needs to be in contact with lots of people, animals and situations. This is the critical period in which the... Read More

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A Cage Mat That’s Comfy & Easy-Clean!

Bespoke Easy Wipe Premium Cage Mat Whether your dog is regularly crated at night or in the car, or if you work in a pet-oriented workplace that uses crates or cages, you’ll love the Big Dog Bed Company Bespoke Easy Wipe Premium Cage Mat! What Makes It Special? Ultimate Comfort – It features a 50mm deep high-density foam cushion which keeps dogs cool and comfortable. Super Hygenic – The dog mat has a robust but soft PU cover that is easily sanitised. Easy to Look After – The mat is... Read More


Keep Dogs Clean & Fresh With De-Fox-It Spray

The Groomers team have already had it happen to them this month – dogs are rolling in fox poo, and you can’t always stop them from doing it! Luckily we have just the thing you need to clean them up and be rid of that awful smell – De-Fox-It! How Does It Work? Simply spray onto the coat directly onto the affected area and watch it foam, then remove with a damp cloth. For stubborn stains, leave for 10 minutes before rinsing or wiping off. De-Fox-It contains a powerful antibacterial... Read More


Living With Pets: Why It’s Good For Us

Ever wonder why so many people have pets? There are loads of reasons! But what some people don’t realise is that having pets can be really good for you, mentally and physically. You get more exercise. Whether you’re walking your dog, playing with your cat or chasing your rabbit around the lawn in an attempt to put it back in the hutch. They keep you company. Many people simply keep a pet as a companion so they don’t get lonely. They’re a calming influence, offering comfort and easing anxiety. They... Read More


Is It Play Time Yet?

Play is a huge part of a dog’s life to keep them healthy and happy. That includes a good game of tug or playing fetch in the park with their favourite ball. Why is play great for dogs? It encourages them to have a bit of fun, alleviating boredom, which could lead to behavioural issues. Toys are great training tools, allowing puppies to learn commands, realise boundaries and have comfort when needed. Exercising their bodies and minds makes for a healthier, smarter, stronger dog. Chew toys help keep the mouth... Read More


Dog Beds and Their Benefits!

It’s really important to get the perfect bed for your pet. Their bed will be their place of comfort and rest, and therefore it pays to get one that is big enough and comfortable enough for them. Getting the Right Size While your dog stands, measure from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail. Then measure from the top of their head to the ground. Add two inches to each of those measurements, and you have the optimum width and length of bed for your pet.... Read More

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Firework Focus – Keeping Dogs Calm

It’s getting close to that time of year where there are firework displays, crowded events and changes in the home dynamic. For some pets, this can be a very stressful time, so ensuring that you and your customers are prepared is of the utmost importance. Here are 3 ways you can be prepared: Ensure you buy calming products so that you can sell them on to customers. Care for animals after their grooming session by supplying owners with the items they need in a retail section of your salon. That... Read More


The Importance of Breed Research

Each breed of dog has its own unique characteristics. When you are looking to bring a new dog into your family, it is therefore important that you research breed profiles so you can find a dog to match your personality and lifestyle