Professional Advice

Canine First Aid: What Every Groomer Should Know

First aid should be a primary concern for every professional dog groomer. Groomers deal with scissors, blades, water, chemicals and even heavy electrical equipment on a daily basis, so taking basic steps to prepare for and prevent potential first aid emergencies is vital. Here are our top tips for preventing first aid emergencies in the grooming salon.

Cat Grooming – The Basics

Cat grooming is an expanding industry in the UK. Many dog groomers up and down the country are finding the demand for cat grooming increasing, so much so that earlier this year, the Pet Care Trade Association launched a new cat grooming qualification at the British Dog Grooming Championships. Pampering all pets is becoming the norm.

Checklist for Starting Your Own Grooming Salon – Part 2

So you have got your qualifications, and have a fair bit of hands on dog grooming experience… for many, the next move is to set up their own dog grooming salon. Being your own boss is rewarding but challenging, which is why Groomers have created a checklist of key areas to consider when setting up your own grooming business. This week’s focus will be what to buy when starting out on your own.

Dog Grooming Scissor FAQs

Scissors are perhaps the most frequently used tool in the professional dog groomer’s artillery. It is vital you choose the right scissor for you. There are various technical considerations when buying scissors, however, which is why we have here presented you with the answers to a number of frequently asked questions regarding scissors and scissor choice.

Ten More Ways Dog Groomers can Impress their Clients

Offer free grooming consultations without commitment. This is particularly valuable to new dog owners, or those who are new to breeds that need professional grooming. Offering clients a little of your time and knowledge free of charge will both impress and reassure.

Essential Salon Equipment for the Professional Groomer

Newly qualified groomer? Or perhaps about to open your own dog grooming business for the first time? Make the process simple by ensuring you purchase essential equipment items for your salon. Professional dog grooming businesses need to be well equipped to deal with a wide variety of dog breeds and grooming needs effectively, so having the right tools for the job are vital. Here is Groomers quick reference list of the essential equipment that every new dog grooming business should consider investing in.

Ten Ways Dog Groomers can Impress their Customers

Having an attractive, professional storefront will immediately impress clients before they even walk through the door. It will also attract new customers. Make sure your storefront is professional and relays what your business does, of course add personal touches or an element of fun if you so choose.