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Get Coats Out Of a Tangle With Ease

U is for Untangle – something we’re sure you do a lot of! Curly coats, drop coats, silky coats, long coats, cotton coats – one thing they have in common is that they can get in a serious tangle. To sort them out, you’re going to need some help, and that’s where we come in. 1: Detangling Shampoo You’re going to need a shampoo that’s got some slip-agent to allow the tangled hair to slide out more easily. Follow up with a conditoning treatment. The moisturising properties of this will... Read More


Turn Your Salon Into A Soothing Spa

T is for the Terra Beaute range! Want to turn your salon into a Dead Sea Spa? It’s all about the products! With these relaxing, soothing pet bathing products from Terra Beaute, you’ll be half way there! Filled with natural ingredients including Dead Sea minerals, tea tree, peppermint, nettle and more, these fantastic pet spa products are full of benefits! Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory, anti-itch, anti-aging, flea repelling, moisturising… the list goes on! Choose from a wonderful selection of lotions and potions, all designed to soothe, rejuvenate and nourish. Why... Read More

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Clean Pets Fast!

Q is for Quick Fixes! It’s inevitable that at some point you’ll have finished a dog, turned around for two seconds and when you look again they have something on them, marring their just-washed coat. We’ll let you fill in the gap of what that substance could be. You don’t have time to wash them again, so what do you do? You whip out a quick solution of course! We think you’ll find these two really helpful: Groomers Quick Wash – Quick, topical spot-cleaning for heavily soiled areas Groomers De-Fox-It... Read More

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Pamper Those Pooches With These Products!

P is for Pamper, and what better way to pamper pooches than with a luxurious bath and British Hound Shampoo? A little bit about the range: Gentle natural shampoo bars for dogs in a handy storage tin Soothes skin and reduces inflammation 100% natural, organic ingredients, sourced in the UK Hand-made in the UK British Hound is a range of natural, organic shampoos bars not only clean and provide a natural fresh scent but also contain ingredients that help dogs suffering from a range of skin conditions. Each carefully-selected, UK-sourced natural... Read More


Bring The Dead Sea Experience To Your Salon!

O is for Ochah! Ochah produces quality spa shampoos and mud scrub treatments and utilise Dead Sea mud and minerals to create high-quality natural products that relax, hydrate, detoxify and clean pets.This American company hand-picks ingredients based on their soothing, nourishing properties to promote a healthy coat and moisturised skin. Here’s a little bit about what makes Ochah products so special:   Made with specially sourced organic, natural ingredients Sourced locally where possible, using healthy and sustainable farming Perfect for use in salons as part of a spa experience Made... Read More

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Lush Scents for Pongy Pooches!

L is for Lush Scents We have plenty of gorgeously-scented bathing products to choose between, from those that have been expertly fragranced by perfumers to luxury dog colognes. While we know that the classic baby powder fragrance is a favourite with many customers, we think it’s time to try something a little bit different, and that’s where these come in! Fragranced By Perfumers That’s My Boy: A shampoo and fragrance spray with a crisp, clean fragrance That’s My Girl: Bursting with berries and super sweet shampoo and fragrance spray Festival:... Read More


Keratin-Boosters for Healthy Hair

K is for Keratin! Keratin is an essential fibrous structural protein that makes up not just hair, but nails, hooves and even horns! Today though, we’re focusing on how it can help you give dogs strong, healthy-looking hair. Of course, the best way to support Keratin growth is by nourshing the pet with all the essential nutrients they need to create it. That’s a diet high in proteins, iron, viatmins C and B, and zinc. Keratin-boosting hair products like shampoos, conditioners and sprays can also be applied to help protect... Read More


Get Miraculously Manageable Manes

Today in the A-Z of Bathing is the letter J, and what else could we choose but the Julie Harris Signature range? As one of the UK’s most knowledgeable groomers, Julie certainly knows her stuff when it comes to which products are great for grooming, and she worked with us to ensure that this fresh-smelling range improves the coat manageability to get the professional finish you’re looking for. Find the range here: http://bit.ly/2moxBD8

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Dog Bathing Products With Natural Healing Powers!

H is for Healing Power! So many natural ingredients have healing powers. They soothe itchiness, take away stress or heal in the physical sense, and the trick is finding out which one you need. Well, no need to worry about that, because these products have already done the work for you. Find our range of natural healing products here: http://bit.ly/2r25hcA Dead Sea Minerals Dead Sea mud and salts nourish the skin and are commonly used to help treat skin conditions such as psoriasis. Both Ochah and Terra Beaute utilise these... Read More

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Safe Shampoos For Sensitive Cat Skin

F is for Feline and our cat bathing products! While most cats  are able to clean themselves, sometimes they can get themselves into a smelly situation, or perhaps they might be unable to clean themselves. If that’s the case, it’s time to pick up the cat shampoo. Cats have extremely thin, sensitive skin, so they need a specific pH level and gentle ingredients to make sure that the skin maintains it’s natural balance and does not get irritated. Even the pH of a dog shampoo can be wrong for cats,... Read More