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Want a Great Value Electric Table?

Are you interested in getting a new table but you don’t have a huge budget? Our Volta Electric Table might fit the bill for you! Shop Now: http://bit.ly/2w8tdkt Value for money – At just £375, this this electric table is amazing value! Outstanding quality – This durable professional table is perfect for heavy duty grooming use Lifts giant breeds – The Volta table has a huge capacity of 140kg! Tough and stable – Wide H-style base and adjustable feet for extra stability Adjustable height – Foot-operated height adjustment so no... Read More


Convex Edge Scissors and Why You Need Them!

What Is A Convex Edge? Convex is the shape given to a blade where the surface is curved similarly to the exterior of a circle. It tapers down to a fine point on the cutting edge. Why Are They Great For Groomers? The fine point at the edge of the blade allows for an extremely sharp cutting edge that tends to last longer than that of a bevelled, serrated cutting edge. This extra sharp blade means that you can have clean, precise scissoring, which is perfect for finishing work on... Read More


Looking After Your Hands – Bathing

As a groomer, your hands go through a lot. We’ve dedicated this little series of blogs to making sure that your hands are well cared for. Here are our top tips for Bathing! Wearing Gloves Throughout the grooming process, your hands come into contact with all sorts! Shampoo, conditioner, lotions, sprays, cleaning products, oil… It’s no wonder your hands can get really sore! To keep them as safe as possible, try to wear gloves while you work to avoid contact altogether! Find gloves here: http://bit.ly/2v3Fg13 Gentle Shampoos Can’t wear gloves?... Read More

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8 Reasons To LOVE Groomers Workwear

Why do people love our workwear? Let us count the ways: Lightweight Hair-resistant Quick drying Machine-washable Comfortable Practical Flattering Smart-looking and professional Need just one more reason? This month we have 20% off selected workwear! Find our offer here: http://bit.ly/2v2Hq1f See the whole work wear range: http://bit.ly/2uFMEOu

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Spa-Style Deep Cleaning… For Dogs!

Do you want to treat dogs and give them a deep clean to leave them smelling fresh and looking fantastic? We thought so! In that case, take a look at our favourite ways to do it: Shampoo those Pooches – Pick your shampoo carefully to ensure you get the finish you need. A good degreasing shampoo should do the trick for most dogs! Shower Power – Shower heads can be one of the most important tools in your grooming arsenal. They can be simple, or they can have a lot... Read More

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15% Off The Fantastic Festival Range!

Summer is Festival season, and what better way to celebrate than ensuring dogs leave your salon smelling fabulously fruity and tropical! This month this scent will be transporting you to the Rio Carnival, and to help you get there, we’re giving you 15% off our Festival Shampoo and Fragrance Sprays! We have limited stock, so if you love this fragrance, you may want to stock up! Find the Festival range here: http://bit.ly/2vlUb4X


Why You Need A Portable Table

Portable tables are extremely useful things to have. They’re great for taking to shows and competitions so you have a sturdy grooming surface that’s also quick to put away again. They’re handy for home visits where your client might not have a suitable surface. They’re great for very small grooming areas where you might need to fold your table away when it’s not in use, for example, if you groom from home. They’re lightweight, so extremely easy to carry, and small enough so once folded, they can be stored easily... Read More


10 Ways To Use An Aquasorb Towel

This month, we have 10% off our Aquasorb Towels! So we’re counting 10 ways that you can use an Aquasorb to make your grooming easier, safer and cleaner! Want to buy this versatile towel? Look no further: http://bit.ly/2tU3gSi   Towel drying – of course! The Aquasorb is intended for use immediately after bathing dogs to soak up the excess water. Swaddling for ears. This is great for dogs who dislike the dryer and dogs with thick hair on their ears to help dry them. Drip mat while being dried. For... Read More


Have a Stress-Free Show Season!

Summer is the season for shows and competitions, but they can be stressful affairs! Make them extra easy and stress-free with the following tips: Make things easy for yourself. Travelling around shows are difficult enough as it is without the need to carry a lot of cases around with you. Our tip is to make sure you have a large wheelie case that carries everything you’ll need. We like the GroomX grooming cases! Grab a trolley table. Not only is a trolley table really easy to fold away, but you... Read More

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Retailing in Small Spaces

Retailing is a really great way of making the salon a little bit of extra money, and we know that many of you only have small salons where space is mainly taken up by all-important baths and tables. The question is; how can you make retailing work in a small area? Think carefully about what you sell Selling the right products is the key, since you won’t have a lot of space to display them or keep much stock. Think about what the majority of your customers need: disposable items... Read More