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How to Handle a Dog that Bites

Many groomers come across dogs that severely dislike being groomed and that can get aggressive. Try these tips to avoid being bitten: Try not to look into the eyes as this can be viewed as a challenge. If the dog is matted, it is quicker and less painful for them to clip out the matts rather than trying to brush. Going short may be a good idea so that the dog is groomed less often. Dogs tend to bite when they feel pain, so be gentle. Do not put your... Read More

How to Keep Your House Cat Happy

While many cats can live happy lives indoors, it is important to ensure they have adequate daily stimulation, otherwise they can become bored, overweight, and even depressed.


Canine Behaviour: Excessive Barking – Reasons and Fixes

All dogs barks - it is a natural response and an important part of how they express themselves and communicate with us humans. No dog owner should expect a completely silent dog, indeed barking can be very useful - alerting us to intruders for example.Some dogs bark excessively however, which can be frustrating for you as the owner, and can also be a sign of underlying behavioural concerns.