Out and About with Dogs

Important Information about Blue-Green Algae

Blue-green algae, or Cyanobacteria, occurs in freshwater lakes and ponds worldwide. There are many types of Cyanobacteria, some of which produce toxins that are highly poisonous to mammals, and dogs in particular.

Holidays and Travelling with Your Dog

Travelling with pets can be a lot of fun, will give you more quality time with your dog, and can save on the expense of booking a kennel. There are however a number of precautions and measures to be considered for the safety and welfare of your dog when travelling.

Dog Friendly Places to Enjoy the Olympics

We are now into July, and with the London Olympics less than a month away, many local authorities have exciting plans for the games. Dozens of community screens are being set up across the country, most of which will be outdoors and dog friendly

Important Information About Lyme Disease

Lyme disease was first recognised in1975, when there was a large outbreak in a town called Old Lyme in Connecticut. Lyme disease is a rare, chronic infection caused by a bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi, a bacteria that spreads between humans and other animals.

Dogs and the Countryside

Many of us enjoy walking our dogs in the country – indeed, a dog accompanies approximately one third of visitors to the countryside. It is easy to understand why this is such a popular pastime – we have a beautiful and varied environment, from mountains to moorlands and beaches to forests. Dogs can however disturb and even cause harm to wildlife. This is often completely unintentional, but at times, a lack of knowledge can lead to issues and irresponsible dog ownership. Groomers have therefore created a set of handy tips for safe and responsible dog walking in the countryside.

Five Beautiful Bluebell Walks for You and Your Dog

Thousands of bluebell woods appear throughout the UK every spring. Beautiful seas of opalescent blue flowers, with their subtle yet intoxicating scent is a stunning part of British heritage. Indeed, over half the world’s bluebells are on our very shores.

Fleas and Ticks – Preparing Your Pet for Summer

Temperatures are steadily getting milder, and spring is now mostly definitely upon us. This is a great time of year to enjoy the weather and be more active outside with our dogs once again. Unfortunately however, the higher the mercury rises, the more important it is to protect your dog from fleas and ticks. We have had a particularly mild winter, and spring so far has also been fairly warm, so being proactive with this matter is particularly relevant at present.

Easter Daffodil Walks for You and Your Dog

Spring is well and truly here, and with Easter around the corner, now is the perfect time to take your dog on a charming daffodil walk. Daffodils are such a bright, cheery, colourful flower heralding the start of spring, and they are currently at their best right now.