What’s Wrong With My Clipper?

My Blade Is Getting Hot Too Quickly First check the blade itsself. Have you oiled the blade? A blade needs to be oiled before use and then every 20 minutes during use to help prevent excess friction. Is there any rust or other damage to the blade that might be causing extra friction? Is the tension of the blade allowing it to run smoothly side to side? Also check for damage to the blade hinge and blade lock to ensure it is being properly held in place. My Clipper Is... Read More


Clipper Maintenance For Pro Groomers

It’s really important to make sure your clippers are in good working order. These are the tools of your trade, and not maintaining them properly could lose you money in the long run, from losing speed and making your grooming slower to having to replace whole parts, including the motor, which can be costly! We chatted to our clipper expert Chris, and here were his top tips on what you can do to keep your clipper in check: Make sure your clipper is properly cleaned every day. Remove all the... Read More


Julie Harris Signature Advice: 8 Tips For Speedy Grooming

As part of our Julie Harris Signature Grooming Advice, Julie has written this fantastic blog based on questions that you asked us on the Groomers facebook page! Jo Silk-Smith asked for tips on speeding up grooming, and here’s Julie’s response: As groomers we all have strengths and weaknesses and being able to speed up to give the dogs in our care less time standing, and a few minutes extra break for ourselves between grooms is always advantageous. The first thing we need to do is really look at our grooming... Read More


4 Ways to Prevent Clipper Lines

Do you keep getting clipper lines and wonder what you can do to stop them? Never fear, in this blog, we’ll tell you how to get the best finish: Make sure you blades are sharp and oiled regularly. The sharper and faster the blade, the smoother the finish. Good clipper maintenance is key! Make sure that undercoat is out! Any coat that still has dead hair inside while you’re clipping is more likely to create clipper lines. Brush, blast and rake your way through that coat until all excess hair... Read More

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Demystifying Dilutions

Need some help with dilution rates? You’re in the right place. You can use products neat, or they can be diluted with water – our own brand shampoos carry a dilution rate of up to 32:1! We recommend always using the dilution rate supplied on the bottle or by the company whose shampoo you are using. Any higher dilution and the solution, not to mention the cleaning power, won’t be as potent. Any lower and the solution might be too strong. We find the easiest way to mix the correct... Read More

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Soothing Smells = Happy Hounds

Z is for.. what else?? Zzzzzz Dog grooming should be a relaxing, therapeutic experience. For some dogs it already is, and we’ve seen many asleep on the table in some odd positions! However, not all pets feel the same way. Some may have had unpleasant experiences, some may be generally nervous of others, and some can find the experience stressful. How can you help make their stay more enjoyable? We recommend using calming products like aromatherapy shampoo and spray, alongside remedies such as a plug-in diffuser from Adaptil, Feliway or... Read More


What Makes a Good Scissor For You?

We can talk about superior blade edges and handle styles, but what is really important is that you buy a scissor that is comfortable and easy for you to use. Here are our tips for getting the best scissor for you: Check the handle. To make sure you’ll have the most natural hand movement, you need the best fit. Ensuring the handle is the correct length for your fingers is very important, as a too-short or too-long handle could cause strain injuries to the tendons in your hands. Luckily, there... Read More


See Our NEW Events Calendar!

Want to know when all of our seminars are going to be? Perhaps you’d like to see if we’re attending your local dog show or a Grooming Competition you’re going to? Get ready to take your notes – Check out our Event Calendar in our fantastic Grooming Resources web section! You’ll find a calendar version of events we’re hosting or going to, and you can easily change it to list format by clicking on the ‘agenda’ tab on the right-hand corner! Find it here: www.groomers-online.com/calendar-i75

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What Makes a Good Scissor? Part 1

Part 1 – Material Whether it’s steel or a specially-designed alloy, your scissor needs to be made out of a sturdy metal that can be sharpened to give you a clean cutting edge and professional results. Most grooming scissors are made from either 420 or 440 stainless steel, the best of which come from Japan and Germany as both countries have long histories of making very refined steel. 440C steel holds the edge best as it can be tempered to a higher hardness, so these scissors will be extra durable.... Read More


Tips in a Snip! See Our Scissor Product Guide.

Our Product Guides in our brilliant Grooming Resources section are full of tips and helpful information. This excerpt comes from the Groomers Scissor Guide: Tensioning Your Scissors Hold your scissors by the thumb ring with your left hand. Let the scissor point straight up in the air at 12 O’Clock. With your right hand take the finger ring and open the blades so they are open 35-45 degrees. Now let go of the ring/blade in your right hand so the scissor almost closes by itself. When the blade comes to... Read More