Grooming Your Horse


How to Prevent Mud Fever

Mud fever is a common condition that affects the lower limbs of equines, most typically affecting the back of the pastern. It commonly occurs in wet conditions. Initially the infection starts as matted hair and crusty, scabbed and inflamed skin. As the condition progresses, mud fever can cause anything from swelling to severe lameness.


Product Profile: Heiniger Horse Clippers

New to Groomers Equestrian this autumn are Heiniger clippers. Heiniger are a long-standing favourite among many horse owners, known for their reliability, ease of use, clip finish and value for money. Designed and precision made in Switzerland, Heiniger clippers are engineered to a very high standard, and have an attractive look and feel. Heiniger also offer an unparalleled lifetime service and technical support.


Groomers Top 5 Equine Winter Warriors

We have selected our favourite time-saving winter grooming products to help make your life easier through the cold season. Whether you need a quick turn around turn-out straight from the field, fast fixes for plaiting, or sparkling tack cleaning without water, Groomers has the solution.


Top 10 Tips for a Perfect Clip

Decide on the style of clip required depending on the job the horse needs to do and how he is kept. A simple neck and chest may be sufficient for a horse in light work, living out, but a stabled horse with a full season of hunting ahead of him will probably need a hunter clip or a full clip.


4 Must Haves for Every Show Kit

For the perfect show coat, first bathe your horse with Groomers Blue Pearl Enhancer Equine Shampoo. This brightening, stain-removing shampoo is ideal for enhancing and conditioning grey and white coats, blazes and socks.