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Your Guide To Scissor Anatomy

Not sure about scissors or simply want to know a little bit more about them? The Groomers Scissor Guide is filled with useful and interesting information to help you choose the best scissor. You can find it in our recently redesigned Grooming Resources website section, along with lots of other product guides. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll see – a crash course in scissor anatomy: Find the Scissor Guide and more here: http://bit.ly/2qQcYFt


Choosing Your Grooming Table

We want to help you choose the correct table for you, so we made a Table Guide (see our Grooming Resources section for more) to give you a hand. We’ve included an excerpt below, but you can see the whole thing here: http://bit.ly/2rlJq3d   We stock a wide range of tables, but what’s important is getting the right one for you, your business and your budget. Electric and hydraulic tables can be easily adjusted to get the perfect working height for you, saving your body from unnecessary strain. This may... Read More


What Makes a Good Scissor For You?

We can talk about superior blade edges and handle styles, but what is really important is that you buy a scissor that is comfortable and easy for you to use. Here are our tips for getting the best scissor for you: Check the handle. To make sure you’ll have the most natural hand movement, you need the best fit. Ensuring the handle is the correct length for your fingers is very important, as a too-short or too-long handle could cause strain injuries to the tendons in your hands. Luckily, there... Read More


See Our NEW Events Calendar!

Want to know when all of our seminars are going to be? Perhaps you’d like to see if we’re attending your local dog show or a Grooming Competition you’re going to? Get ready to take your notes – Check out our Event Calendar in our fantastic Grooming Resources web section! You’ll find a calendar version of events we’re hosting or going to, and you can easily change it to list format by clicking on the ‘agenda’ tab on the right-hand corner! Find it here: www.groomers-online.com/calendar-i75

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Choosing The Right Coat King

Choosing a Coat King can be difficult, but we’re here to help you out! Here are some general guidelines for selecting a Coat King: Dog breeds with a very soft coat – the more blades the better. Dog breeds with a long coat – the more blades the better. Dog breeds with a very short coat – the more blades the better. Dog breeds with a knotty coat – start with a Coat-King with less blades and finish with one that has more blades. Dog breeds with coarse or wiry... Read More

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Sneak Peek: Groomers Brush & Tool Guide

Did you know that we have a fantastic grooming resources web section? It’s full of product help, event information and useful videos. We’re very fond of our grooming product guides, designed for students and for groomers who might want a reminder! You can download them, print them out and keep them in a file or have them on your computer to look at any time! Here’s a peek of what you’ll find in our Groomers Brush & Tool Guide: Slicker Brush Appearance: Fine wire pins secured to a solid base,... Read More