Groomer Wellbeing


Prevent Your Lungs From Being Damaged Through Grooming

Did you know that flying fur can negatively affect your health? This blog is all about how your lungs are affected by hair and other airborne particles and what you can do right now to help protect yourself. According to Groomers 2018 Blaster Safety Survey of 112 groomers, 83% of you spent over 2 hours blasting or drying per working day, with 37% spending 4 hours or more. All of that time, fine cut hair, dandruff, nail grindings, and microbes can become airborne and be circulated around the room to... Read More


How Dryers & Blasters Affect Your Hearing: What You Need To Know As A Groomer

Did you know that as a groomer, you could be at risk of noise-induced hearing loss? Here’s why, and how you can stay safe! One thing that we can all agree on is that grooming salons can be very noisy places! There are plenty of factors that add to the melting pot; phones ringing, dogs barking, clippers buzzing… but there are a couple of big offenders – dryers and blasters! Often when we buy a blaster or dryer, our first consideration when it comes to noise is; ‘How will my... Read More


Groomers Christmas Survival Guide: Keep Stress-Free

Christmas is a really busy time for any groomer, and your books have probably been closed for weeks! We know how important it is for you to have a good holiday season and make your money, but we also know how difficult it can be for you! That’s why we’ve written our Groomers Survival Guide, which aims to give advice and tips for keeping yourself healthy through the festive season. Groomers Christmas Survival Guide: Keep Stress-Free -Get Organised We know you’re pretty well-organised – you do have a salon to... Read More


3 Tips For Healthy Hands After Scissoring

As a groomer, your hands go through a lot. This two-part series of blogs are designed to make sure that your hands are well cared for. Here are our top tips for Scissoring! Avoiding Injury While scissoring for prolonged periods, your hand ideally needs to be in a very relaxed position, with your thumb doing the opening and closing. We recommend that for finishing you buy scissors that have an offset, ergonomically-designed handle. Some scissors also have special features such as a free-moving thumb or ‘neutral’ grip. These can really... Read More


Looking After Your Hands – Bathing

As a groomer, your hands go through a lot. We’ve dedicated this little series of blogs to making sure that your hands are well cared for. Here are our top tips for Bathing! Wearing Gloves Throughout the grooming process, your hands come into contact with all sorts! Shampoo, conditioner, lotions, sprays, cleaning products, oil… It’s no wonder your hands can get really sore! To keep them as safe as possible, try to wear gloves while you work to avoid contact altogether! Find gloves here: http://bit.ly/2v3Fg13 Gentle Shampoos Can’t wear gloves?... Read More


Groomer Wellbeing: Common Concerns and Solutions

A lumber support is a useful investment for the professional dog groomer. A good lumbar belt provides support to core muscles when standing for long periods, as well as supporting the body under heavy strain such as lifting. A lumbar support belt can also relieve back pain and prevent a build-up of muscle tension.