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What’s Wrong With My Clipper?

My Blade Is Getting Hot Too Quickly First check the blade itsself. Have you oiled the blade? A blade needs to be oiled before use and then every 20 minutes during use to help prevent excess friction. Is there any rust or other damage to the blade that might be causing extra friction? Is the tension of the blade allowing it to run smoothly side to side? Also check for damage to the blade hinge and blade lock to ensure it is being properly held in place. My Clipper Is... Read More


Clipper Maintenance For Pro Groomers

It’s really important to make sure your clippers are in good working order. These are the tools of your trade, and not maintaining them properly could lose you money in the long run, from losing speed and making your grooming slower to having to replace whole parts, including the motor, which can be costly! We chatted to our clipper expert Chris, and here were his top tips on what you can do to keep your clipper in check: Make sure your clipper is properly cleaned every day. Remove all the... Read More


Prevent Your Lungs From Being Damaged Through Grooming

Did you know that flying fur can negatively affect your health? This blog is all about how your lungs are affected by hair and other airborne particles and what you can do right now to help protect yourself. According to Groomers 2018 Blaster Safety Survey of 112 groomers, 83% of you spent over 2 hours blasting or drying per working day, with 37% spending 4 hours or more. All of that time, fine cut hair, dandruff, nail grindings, and microbes can become airborne and be circulated around the room to... Read More


How To Save Matted Coats (As Much As Possible)

We know the heart-sinking feeling when you put your hands on a dog and all you can feel is matted coat. The owner wants to keep it long, but in your head you’re wondering how short the blade will have to be to get in under it. Hopefully with these tips, that answer will be: Not as short as you thought! Want to see all the products designed to help you with tangles? We’ve put it in one nice and easy department for you: http://bit.ly/2EI625C


Groomers Christmas Survival Guide: Take Extra Care of Yourself

Christmas is a really busy time for any groomer, and your books have probably been closed for weeks! We know how important it is for you to have a good holiday season and make your money, but we also know how difficult it can be for you! That’s why we’ve written our Groomers Survival Guide, which aims to give advice and tips for keeping yourself healthy through the festive season. We wanted to share our advice and give tips on what to use and why, from dog paw cleaner to... Read More


4 Ways to Prevent Clipper Lines

Do you keep getting clipper lines and wonder what you can do to stop them? Never fear, in this blog, we’ll tell you how to get the best finish: Make sure you blades are sharp and oiled regularly. The sharper and faster the blade, the smoother the finish. Good clipper maintenance is key! Make sure that undercoat is out! Any coat that still has dead hair inside while you’re clipping is more likely to create clipper lines. Brush, blast and rake your way through that coat until all excess hair... Read More


Want a Great Value Electric Table?

Are you interested in getting a new table but you don’t have a huge budget? Our Volta Electric Table might fit the bill for you! Shop Now: http://bit.ly/2w8tdkt Value for money – At just £375, this this electric table is amazing value! Outstanding quality – This durable professional table is perfect for heavy duty grooming use Lifts giant breeds – The Volta table has a huge capacity of 140kg! Tough and stable – Wide H-style base and adjustable feet for extra stability Adjustable height – Foot-operated height adjustment so no... Read More


Convex Edge Scissors and Why You Need Them!

What Is A Convex Edge? Convex is the shape given to a blade where the surface is curved similarly to the exterior of a circle. It tapers down to a fine point on the cutting edge. Why Are They Great For Groomers? The fine point at the edge of the blade allows for an extremely sharp cutting edge that tends to last longer than that of a bevelled, serrated cutting edge. This extra sharp blade means that you can have clean, precise scissoring, which is perfect for finishing work on... Read More


Groom Little Dogs? This Will Be a Life-Saver…

New to the Groomers range this year is the Lazy Susan Rotating Table! Find it here: http://bit.ly/2r5yOoW This handy little gadget sits on top of your grooming table and allows you to move the pet around quickly and easily through the rotation, rather than having to manoeuvre the dog or yourself. About the table: Designed primarily for toy and small dog breeds to enable fine, detailed work Great for shows or competitions, as it is lightweight and even has a carry handle Skid-proof table top for better grip for animals... Read More


What Makes a Good Scissor? Part 3

What Makes a Good Scissor? Ergonomics Scissor handles come in a lot of shapes and sizes, with some being very simple to others that have all the latest ergonomic design qualities. First, we recommend a scissor that fits perfectly in your hand. Too short or too long a handle could be all the difference when it comes to straining your hand. For scissors that you’ll be handling for a long period of time, we really recommend an offset, crane style handle, where the thumb is angled downwards from the shear.... Read More