Dog Treats

10 Great Christmas Treats for Your Dog

Your pets are part of the family, so as Christmas approaches, make sure you involve your four legged companions in the festivities. Here is our list of top ten ways to treat pets this holiday season.

Dog Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Just like children, dogs love Easter egg hunts, especially if you tailor the food to canine taste buds. Hunting down food appeals to the dog’s natural instincts, and offers a good variety of mental and physical stimulus. This seasonal game is ideal for inside or outside, and is great fun for the whole family to be involved in.

Dog Easter Egg Treats Recipe

These eggs make an ideal Easter-themed treat for your dog, and work as an excellent gift for any dog-loving friends. They are easy and affordable to make, and set into lovely hand-made eggs full of tasty, canine-friendly ingredients that dogs love.