Dog Training


Puppy Socialisation Tips

Why Do Puppies Need Socialising? Socialising puppies involves lots of pleasant encounters with other animals, humans and environments. It’s easy to do, and it could mean the difference between a fearful dog and one that is happy and willing to make new friends. How Do I Socialise My Puppy? The younger the puppy, the easier it is and the quicker it will learn. Between 3 and 12 weeks, the puppy needs to be in contact with lots of people, animals and situations. This is the critical period in which the... Read More


Exercise Pets’ Bodies AND Their Brains

We know dogs need daily exercise to stay fit and healthy, but did you know that exercise can benefit their brains too? Of all the exercise we know, those taken up at Crufts are definitely effective at keeping dogs’ minds active: Flyball – Leaping over hurdles in perfect timing and retrieving a ball that could go in any direction will ensure dogs are staying sharp Agility – Listening and responding to commands quickly while traversing obstacles is very tricky! Try out this kit to get started – click here. Heelwork... Read More

New Tricks: Roll Over

Teach your dog to roll over with these simple steps: First ensure that your dog has learned to lie down when commanded. When the dog is laying, stand or kneel close to them with a treat in your hand. Ensure you have a closed fist and hold the treat by their head. Move the treat around the head in a circular motion so that the dog has to turn their head. The chances are that their body will not roll with the head on the first time, but the dog... Read More

New Tricks: Teach Puppies to Play Fetch

Teach your dog how to play a game of fetch with this easy guide: This is a complex procedure that can easily go wrong if the dog does not understand what is wanted of it. The best way of teaching a dog a complex routine is to teach it backwards, so the end result is what they understand first rather than last. Part 1 Begin by standing on the leash so that the dog can move a little bit, but not too much. Hand them a ball or what you... Read More

New Tricks: Teach Puppies to Stay and Come

Teach your puppy the basics with this easy guide: Training should begin as soon as you bring your puppy home. It is usually best to teach your dog how to sit before teaching it the stay command, as this will then link the commands in their mind. Teaching to stay and to come at the same time also reinforces that your dog should only come when you say so and not when they feel like it. Begin by telling the dog to sit. Then say ‘stay’ firmly and hold up... Read More

New Tricks: Teach Puppies How to Heel

Teach your puppy how to heel with our helpful instructions: 1. Start the session on the pavement instead of grass where interesting smells may be distracting. Use a plain lead, like a rope lead, and hold it in your right hand with the dog sitting to your left, slightly behind you if possible. Use your left hand to hold the lead loosely so that you have extra control. 2. Get the attention of the dog by tapping their head, calling or whistling. When they look up, strike your left hip... Read More

5 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe

Losing a dog can be a cause of significant stress and worry. We may have an answer for you with our top five tips for keeping pets safe.