Dog Toys


Exercise Pets’ Bodies AND Their Brains

We know dogs need daily exercise to stay fit and healthy, but did you know that exercise can benefit their brains too? Of all the exercise we know, those taken up at Crufts are definitely effective at keeping dogs’ minds active: Flyball – Leaping over hurdles in perfect timing and retrieving a ball that could go in any direction will ensure dogs are staying sharp Agility – Listening and responding to commands quickly while traversing obstacles is very tricky! Try out this kit to get started – click here. Heelwork... Read More

Show The Love: Top Pet Gifts and Treats

  It’s Valentine’s month here at Groomers, so we have selected our favourite pet products for you to shower your furry friends with. Migrator’s Pheasant Toy The Migrators Pheasant Toy is a game bird themed toy made from soft, plush fabrics. Ideal for chewing, shaking or playing fetch, this tough and sturdy toy features a robust internal squeaker that emits a pheasant ‘squark’ when squeezed. Karlie Rhinestone ID Tag Give your pets a touch of glamour with the Karlie Rhinestone ID Tag. This sparkly collar accessory is designed for storing... Read More


Make a Pet Toy for Christmas

These DIY pet toys are perfect for some last-minute presents: Cat: Instant Jingle Ball. You Will Need: Plastic rounded container with a lid, for example, a medicine container. Four jingle bells Duct tape Festive paper Directions: Take a plastic container and wash out carefully. Take the jingle bells and place inside. Duct Tape the lid shut. Wrap it in some festive paper. You now have a toy that will keep cats entertained for hours. Dog: Ball on a Rope. You Will Need: Festive fabric cut into three strips: Two 25... Read More