Dog Health Advice


Be Prepared! Picking Up After Your Dog

It’s a way of life for pet owners and dog walkers everywhere – if you’re walking your dog, you pick up their waste. There are now fines in place for people who don’t pick up and they’re pretty hefty! Don’t get caught without a poo bag and always have your kit at the ready with these handy items: Waste Bags – Never forget this essential, and always remember to put it in a bin afterwards Poo Bag Holder and Dispenser– A clip-on holder makes it easy and quick to retrieve... Read More


On The Leash – Measuring For Collars, Leads & Harnesses

Keeping your dog on a lead is important in a lot of situations. Perhaps they are skittish or aggressive towards other dogs, there are busy roads near your home, or there are certain areas of your local park where dogs must be kept on leads. No matter the situation, a lead or harness is an essential piece of kit, and it’s important you get one that fits correctly. Measuring and Fitting Your Collar, Lead or Harness Collars – No lead can be complete without a collar! Use a fabric tape... Read More


Pet Stress: Signs & Solutions

National pet month is all about encouraging responsible ownership. This blog focuses on how to keep stress levels low for a healthier, happier pet. Stress can affect pets for a lot of different reasons; changes to the house in the form of work being done or a new arrival, vet or groomer visits, travelling, or loud noises such as fireworks and thunderstorms. What to look out for: Licking lips, yawning, panting, ears back in dogs Excessive vocalisation, excessive self-grooming in cats Fearful behaviour. eg: tail between legs in dogs, loss... Read More

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Be Prepared! Pet First Aid Kits

Whether you work with pets or own one, keep yourself prepared for any medical emergency by making sure your pet first aid kit is well-stocked. Why not get started with our Aqueos First Aid Bundle and SAVE £5! Find it here: http://bit.ly/2owrAcT The kit includes: Aqueos Alcohol Free Sanitising Wipes – To quickly disinfect a wound or area of skin Aqueos Blood Stop – A fast-acting blood coagulant for small wounds, including quicked nails Aqueos First Aid Spray – A spray-on disinfectant, great for hot spots Aqueos Spray-On Plaster –... Read More


Is It Play Time Yet?

Play is a huge part of a dog’s life to keep them healthy and happy. That includes a good game of tug or playing fetch in the park with their favourite ball. Why is play great for dogs? It encourages them to have a bit of fun, alleviating boredom, which could lead to behavioural issues. Toys are great training tools, allowing puppies to learn commands, realise boundaries and have comfort when needed. Exercising their bodies and minds makes for a healthier, smarter, stronger dog. Chew toys help keep the mouth... Read More


Dog Beds and Their Benefits!

It’s really important to get the perfect bed for your pet. Their bed will be their place of comfort and rest, and therefore it pays to get one that is big enough and comfortable enough for them. Getting the Right Size While your dog stands, measure from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail. Then measure from the top of their head to the ground. Add two inches to each of those measurements, and you have the optimum width and length of bed for your pet.... Read More


Coming Up – Canine First Aid Seminar – 3rd April!

It’s not too late to get your ticket to our Canine First Aid Seminar on the 3rd of April! Find out more and get tickets here> canine1staid.eventbrite.co.uk What will I learn? • How to recognise and treat common disorders • How to deal with common emergency situations • Bandaging, finding the pulse and investigating heartbeats • Canine CPR and resuscitation When? April 3rd 2017, 10:30am – 3.30pm

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Cold Weather Survival For Dogs

Don’t let the cold weather get to your pets this January! Save paws from getting too frosty, rescue noses from cracking and save skin from drying up with the Natural Dog Company, and don’t forget to wrap them up after wet walks to help them dry quicker without losing too much heat. Find products to help you here: http://bit.ly/2jHSs7o


NEW PRODUCT! Aqueos Blood Stop

Aqueos Blood Stop is a must-have first aid item: blood coagulate powder that rapidly stops bleeding from minor wounds Find it here: http://bit.ly/2doyhUh Ideal for cut quicks on paws. With a unique stain-free formula perfect for white coats. Does NOT become lumpy over time. Does not contain any harmful chemicals, ensuring that pets are safe while this powder is in use. Also useful for minor cuts and wounds if an accident occurs with scissors or clippers. How does it work? It works by forming a forming a gel barrier which... Read More