Dog Health Advice

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Help! My dog has rolled in fox poo

As dog owners, being greeted by a mucky pup soon after they’ve rolled in something repulsive is all part of the job. Dogs love getting up close and personal with the scents of the world, and fox poo is no exception. If your dog has ever done the deed, you’ll know fox poo has a smell like no other. And that pungent, musky odour is extremely difficult to get rid of. But luckily, we have some insights into why our dogs love to roll in the stuff and how you... Read More


How To Tell If A Pet Is Overweight

According to the 2017 PFMA Pet Population Report, vets now believe that 49% of dogs and 44% of cats are obese! This can be very detrimental to their health, as excess weight is linked with arthritis, diabetes, pancreatitis and high blood pressure. We want them to stay as healthy and happy as possible, so we’re giving you everything you need to know whether your dog or cat is overweight. An overweight pet will have the following: You are unable to feel their ribs when you place your hands on the... Read More

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8 Steps To A Calm Pet This Fireworks Night

It’s getting very close to Fireworks night now, and we’re so excited! Of course, we also remember that this is the time of year that pets can get very stressed, so here are our top tips for keeping them calm! Treat it like any other day. Pets really do notice if you’re concerned, so make sure you don’t show it to them, or they will think three is something to fear. Create a cosy spot. Ensure your house is warm and that your pet has a cosy, quiet and secure... Read More


6 Dog Safety Tips For Autumn!

It’s officially Autumn TODAY! To us, that means good food, fun and of course snuggling up with your dog on the sofa! But there are a few things about that all pet owners should be aware of to keep their dogs safe and sound, and here they are: Party Season With Halloween and fireworks night on the way, make sure your dog feels safe at all times. Try Pet Remedy or Adaptil if they’re really struggling to stay calm. Fading Light It’s getting darker, and so it’s always best to... Read More


Leucillin – How It Can Help In the Heat

Leucillin is a powerful and reliable antiseptic skin care spray suitable for disinfecting and sanitising wounds, cuts, grazes and more. It kills up to 99.99% of bacteria, fungi and viruses, and is non-toxic and non-irritating. How can Leucillin help in the heat? Hot, humid conditions are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, and so summer weather means an increased likelihood of infection. That’s why Leucillin is a handy item to keep around the place – it’s the ideal solution to help keep those bacteria at bay when you’re confronted... Read More


Bring The Dead Sea Experience To Your Salon!

O is for Ochah! Ochah produces quality spa shampoos and mud scrub treatments and utilise Dead Sea mud and minerals to create high-quality natural products that relax, hydrate, detoxify and clean pets.This American company hand-picks ingredients based on their soothing, nourishing properties to promote a healthy coat and moisturised skin. Here’s a little bit about what makes Ochah products so special:   Made with specially sourced organic, natural ingredients Sourced locally where possible, using healthy and sustainable farming Perfect for use in salons as part of a spa experience Made... Read More


Doggy Dehydration

We’re sure you’re aware of the fact that as the weather hots up, dogs can find it difficult to keep their cool. In the salon, the heat can be even more intense, so what can we do to stop doggy dehydration? Signs of Dehydration Lethargy Loss of appetite Dry mouth Sunken Eyes The best way to find out if a dog might be dehydrated is to lift the skin at the ruff of the neck. It should spring back, but if it stays wrinkly, the dog might be dehydrated and... Read More


Dogs & Chocolate: Why It’s Toxic & What To Do

Easter is coming up and we’re sure you’ve seen all the warnings about not letting your dog eat chocolate, but do you know what to do if they do eat chocolate, and what else to avoid? Why Can’t Dogs Eat Chocolate? Chocolate contains cocoa and cocoa contains the compound theobromine. Dogs find this substance very difficult to digest, and this can lead to increased blood pressure, vomiting, dehydration, abdominal pains, seizures and in some cases, death. As a general rule, the darker the chocolate, the more theobromine it will contain,... Read More


Exercise Pets’ Bodies AND Their Brains

We know dogs need daily exercise to stay fit and healthy, but did you know that exercise can benefit their brains too? Of all the exercise we know, those taken up at Crufts are definitely effective at keeping dogs’ minds active: Flyball – Leaping over hurdles in perfect timing and retrieving a ball that could go in any direction will ensure dogs are staying sharp Agility – Listening and responding to commands quickly while traversing obstacles is very tricky! Try out this kit to get started – click here. Heelwork... Read More