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Top Tips for Grooming an Unruly Doodle Coat

Doodle breeds have taken the world by storm in recent years. We’ve fallen head over heels in love with Labradoodles, Cockapoos, Cavapoos and Poochons. But with all that wavy fluff comes a bucket-load of maintenance for us dog owners. In fact, Doodle coats are some of the most difficult to keep in tip-top shape. Doodle coats can vary in type, from scruffy doodles to the more woollen or fleecy varieties. But all doodles will benefit from a regular grooming regime to keep them tidy, happy and healthy. Without a daily... Read More


The Importance of Breed Research

Each breed of dog has its own unique characteristics. When you are looking to bring a new dog into your family, it is therefore important that you research breed profiles so you can find a dog to match your personality and lifestyle

An Introduction to Hybrid Dogs

Producing a hybrid or “designer dog” involves the deliberate crossbreeding of two different types of pedigree dog together. These dogs are not mongrels, as the crossbreeding process is deliberate. Dogs are carefully chosen to combine personality and appearance traits of the two different breeds.

An Introduction to Vulnerable Native Breeds

The term “vulnerable native breeds” indicates dogs of British origin whose numbers are declining, and/or whose status in the dog world has diminished. Applied to breeds that receive 300 or fewer birth registrations per year, the Kennel Club coined the term in 2003.


Canine Coat Care – Wire Coats

Many dog owners, especially new dog owners, feel slightly lost in the world of grooming. With so many coat types and breeds, along with the huge number of grooming tools available, it can be difficult to know which tools and techniques are suitable for your dog.

Diamond Jubilee Special – The Queen and Her Corgis

The royal family have embraced dogs for generations, from Pugs to Greyhounds, King Charles Spaniels to Collies. Indeed, the Queen’s love for her dogs has been widely reported, with the Pembroke Welsh Corgi her breed of choice. To celebrate her Diamond Jubilee, Groomers have therefore composed a profile of the Queen’s beloved dog, and Her Majesty’s relationship with the breed.