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How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

How often you bathe your dog really depends on a couple of factors: How often they get dirty or smelly If they need a medicated bath regularly As a general rule, bathing once a month is fine for most dogs to keep on top of dirt and odour. Some dogs that have wonderfully clean coats can get away with being bathed less regularly than this. Dogs that have very oily or houndy-smelling coats may be bathed more frequently to keep their coats clean and fresh. Please avoid bathing your pet... Read More


The Ultimate Cage Mat!

Want something that’s easy to clean for you and comfortable for your pet? Why not spoil them with an Easy Wipe Premium Cage Mat? They’re great for any dog, but are particularly useful for older dogs or puppies that may have low bladder control, as they’re extremely quick and easy to clean! Robust and practical Available in set sizes and bespoke sizes to make them unique to your pet, their cage or their crate 5cm deep high-density foam for the ultimate comfort Completely waterproof, with heat-welded seams Simply wipe or... Read More


How Often Should Your Dog… Go To The Groomers

How often your dog goes to the groomer really depends on their coat and on how well you can look after it. One of the first things you should ask yourself when getting a dog is: How much time am I willing to spend grooming them? This includes brushing, bathing, trimming nails, cleaning ears, brushing teeth and washing faces. The less time you’re willing to spend, the more often they need to go to the groomer. Many owners opt to get their dog’s nails clipped at the groomers or vets.... Read More


Living With Pets: Why It’s Good For Us

Ever wonder why so many people have pets? There are loads of reasons! But what some people don’t realise is that having pets can be really good for you, mentally and physically. You get more exercise. Whether you’re walking your dog, playing with your cat or chasing your rabbit around the lawn in an attempt to put it back in the hutch. They keep you company. Many people simply keep a pet as a companion so they don’t get lonely. They’re a calming influence, offering comfort and easing anxiety. They... Read More


Give Pets a Spa Day With Warren London

Pamper pets and get them squeaky clean with the Warren London bathing range, a selection of spa bathing items designed to aid in giving beautiful skin and coat condition. This range includes all-natural solutions to most doggy problems, including dry skin, hot spots and sore or dirty paws. See the whole range: http://bit.ly/2gbErd9

New Tricks: Roll Over

Teach your dog to roll over with these simple steps: First ensure that your dog has learned to lie down when commanded. When the dog is laying, stand or kneel close to them with a treat in your hand. Ensure you have a closed fist and hold the treat by their head. Move the treat around the head in a circular motion so that the dog has to turn their head. The chances are that their body will not roll with the head on the first time, but the dog... Read More

Halloween Dog Biscuits

Include your dog in the Halloween festivities with these safe and tasty pumpkin treats: Dog-Friendly Pumpkin Balls Ingredients: 80g pureed pumpkin 4 tbsp molasses 4 tbsp water 2 tbsp vegetable oil 140g whole wheat flour 1/2 tsp baking powder 1 tsp cinnamon (optional) Pumpkin seeds (optional) Egg paint: 1 egg yolk 10 drops water 2 drops orange food colouring Directions Preheat oven to 180°C. Stir pumpkin, molasses, vegetable oil, and water together in a large mixing bowl. Add the whole wheat flour, baking soda, baking powder and cinnamon to the... Read More