Creative Dog Grooming


Nail Christmas Creative Dog Grooming This Year

Christmas is the perfect time to add a little creativity to any groom, and why not do that on dog’s nails? These Warren London Pawdicure Polish Pens make the colour easy to apply, are quick-drying and are available in a wide range of colours for any design. They’re made especially for dogs, so are non-toxic too! Find them here: http://bit.ly/2gtoyPC


Festival Of Grooming 2016 – Trade Stands

We’re very excited to announce our trade stands for the Festival Of Grooming 2016! See below for our list: Ticket sales end on Friday 30th September 2016, so if you would like one, please book yours soon so you don’t miss out! Book at: www.fog2016.eventbrite.co.uk   The Groomers Team


Festival Of Grooming 2016 – New Speakers!

  We are very excited to announce three new speakers to our Festival Of Grooming line up! This demonstration and seminar-packed event is all about helping professional pet groomers increase their knowledge in order to help them improve their grooming skills and their business in general. We have already introduced five sensational speakers to the line up: Julie Harris, Colin Taylor, Plinio Icassati, Pammie Carmichael-Hogg and Trevor Cooper. Here are our next three:   Su Eld-Weaver A creative grooming genius, Su spends much of her time training others in the... Read More

Finishing Touches

Finish off your grooms by adding that perfect touch of colour. Here are our favourite products: Bows Our deluxe handmade bows are available in red, pink, blue, cerise or yellow. These bows come in ten individual sets of two, available in one colourway only per pack. Ideal for top knots and fountains on drop-coated breeds like Yorkshire Terriers. Hair Barrettes Excellent for use in medium to long hair, these hand-crafted barrettes fix in place with clips to the back of the bow, making them very versatile in terms of styling.... Read More


5 Creative Grooming Ideas for Christmas

Include pets in the festivities with these fun creative grooming ideas: 1. Candy Canes. Try alternating red and white colour diagonally up the legs and tail. Finish with semi circles along the body to complete the shape or end them at the top of the legs to simplify. 2. Polar bear. For dogs with thick or curly coats. Use white colour to cover the whole body if not naturally white, then create a teddy bear clip for a cute take on this Arctic animal. For a more lifelike style, leave belly and... Read More


How to Take Really Great Photos of Your Work

It’s great to have photographic examples of your work, to use on your website, for marketing materials or you use as examples for new or unsure customers. It is however important to take a good quality picture for the true value of your work to shine through.

Creative Dog Grooming Ideas for Halloween

Why not turn your dog into a creature of the night with some of Groomers creative grooming products? With Halloween coming up on the calendar shortly, there are plenty of great opportunities to have some seasonal fun with your pet.

How to Complete a Teddy Bear Cut

The teddy bear cut is a very popular clip right now. The clip is quick and easy for groomers to complete and low-maintenance for owners, and it really does look absolutely adorable, leaving pets looking like a teddy bear – ideal for Christmas time!

Dogs and the Jubilee Weekend

If you own a well-trained, calm dog, you should be fine taking them to a street party. It is best to keep your dog on a lead though, as there may be lots of young children around, and there will certainly be plenty of food. Also, if you attend a street party, remember that you are in a public place - even well trained dogs could wander off by mistake in the confusion of lots of food, noise and people.