Cat Health Advice

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8 Steps To A Calm Pet This Fireworks Night

It’s getting very close to Fireworks night now, and we’re so excited! Of course, we also remember that this is the time of year that pets can get very stressed, so here are our top tips for keeping them calm! Treat it like any other day. Pets really do notice if you’re concerned, so make sure you don’t show it to them, or they will think three is something to fear. Create a cosy spot. Ensure your house is warm and that your pet has a cosy, quiet and secure... Read More


Pet Stress: Signs & Solutions

National pet month is all about encouraging responsible ownership. This blog focuses on how to keep stress levels low for a healthier, happier pet. Stress can affect pets for a lot of different reasons; changes to the house in the form of work being done or a new arrival, vet or groomer visits, travelling, or loud noises such as fireworks and thunderstorms. What to look out for: Licking lips, yawning, panting, ears back in dogs Excessive vocalisation, excessive self-grooming in cats Fearful behaviour. eg: tail between legs in dogs, loss... Read More

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Be Prepared! Pet First Aid Kits

Whether you work with pets or own one, keep yourself prepared for any medical emergency by making sure your pet first aid kit is well-stocked. Why not get started with our Aqueos First Aid Bundle and SAVE £5! Find it here: http://bit.ly/2owrAcT The kit includes: Aqueos Alcohol Free Sanitising Wipes – To quickly disinfect a wound or area of skin Aqueos Blood Stop – A fast-acting blood coagulant for small wounds, including quicked nails Aqueos First Aid Spray – A spray-on disinfectant, great for hot spots Aqueos Spray-On Plaster –... Read More


NEW PRODUCT! Aqueos Blood Stop

Aqueos Blood Stop is a must-have first aid item: blood coagulate powder that rapidly stops bleeding from minor wounds Find it here: http://bit.ly/2doyhUh Ideal for cut quicks on paws. With a unique stain-free formula perfect for white coats. Does NOT become lumpy over time. Does not contain any harmful chemicals, ensuring that pets are safe while this powder is in use. Also useful for minor cuts and wounds if an accident occurs with scissors or clippers. How does it work? It works by forming a forming a gel barrier which... Read More

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Groomers Limited Launch Exciting New RidASect Range

The new RidASect range from Groomers Limited is designed to combat every aspect of an insect invasion. It includes six innovative new products: Laundry Wash for any fabric, including bedding and clothing, Insecticide Powder for virtually any indoor or outdoor surface, Flea Repellent Soft Spray, Flea Eliminator Powder and Flea Repellent Mousse. The Soft Spray is available either for dogs or for cats; the Eliminator Powder works on all animals and the Mousse is for cats that prefer their treatments delivered with a massage. The on-pet products are all 100%... Read More


Is Your Pet in Pain?

Recognise when your cat or dog is in pain with this helpful guide: Vocalisation. Whining or yelping when a dog is chewing something is a sure sign that the dog needs dental work. If they yelp as you touch them in a certain area, make a note of it and see if this happens again. If it does, get a vet to check them. Excessive Self-Grooming. Dogs will try to lick clean injured areas in the hope that it will heal. Pay attention to where they are grooming themselves to see if it... Read More