Cat Grooming

Cat Bathing for Cat Owners

Many cats are fastidious groomers, and are generally well equipped to tackle their own bathing needs. However, if your cat is mature, infirm, has long hair or is just very dirty, bathing can be necessary.


Product Profile: Groomers Professional Cat Range

Cat grooming is a needed service, with many dog groomers experiencing a growing demand for the service. A professional cat grooming session is ideal for older or infirm cats who might find self-grooming difficult, and it is also important for long-haired cats, or those with skin conditions.


Cat Clipping – Tools and Techniques

Cat clipping is typically suited to long-haired cats. Some owners like to have their cat’s hair trimmed in summer to help keep them cool, while others do it reduce to shedding or matting. Occasional clipping can also work to reduce hairballs, help abate skin conditions, and can even be ideal for older or infirm cats who may find self-grooming difficult.

Cat Grooming – The Basics

Cat grooming is an expanding industry in the UK. Many dog groomers up and down the country are finding the demand for cat grooming increasing, so much so that earlier this year, the Pet Care Trade Association launched a new cat grooming qualification at the British Dog Grooming Championships. Pampering all pets is becoming the norm.

Tips for Dealing with Heavy Pet Moulting

All pets shed hair - it is a completely natural and healthy bodily function. Even hairless and non-shedding dog breeds moult to a certain extent. Undoubtedly though, moulting can be a nuisance. Excessive shedding can effect allergy sufferers greatly, and shed hairs can stick to clothes and furniture, making them difficult to clean.