Cat Grooming

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Easily Trim Nervous Pets With Scaredy Cut

The Scaredy Cut Kit is perfect for dogs or cats that are nervous of clippers, and uses scissors with a comb attachment instead. Comes with a variety of comb attachments for easy adjustment of hair length. Scaredy Cut Scissors are bull nosed for safety and feature a serrated edge for better grip on hair. Find them here: http://bit.ly/2gpp1CA


Home Pet Spa Essentials

Treat your pets to a home pampering session this month with the following ranges and products from Groomers: Terra Beauté spa products are made with natural essentials oils, included for their antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, which help to soothe and cleanse the skin. This range also features Dead Sea minerals, which have anti-aging properties, promote skin regeneration and remove impurities. Included in this collection are Mineral Bath Mud and Mineral Anti-Aging Bath, both of which are excellent for the skin and hair.. For a truly soft and healthy-looking coat,... Read More

Grooming Advice on YouTube

YouTube can be a very helpful resource when it comes to grooming advice. Follow these channels to ensure you never worry about a grooming session again: Groomers Online The Groomers Ltd YouTube site offers helpful and informative guides to grooming basics that will be useful for grooming students and home groomers. Melissa Verplank Mellissa’s channel hosts a wide range of grooming ‘how to’ videos, interviews and offers a playlist answering questions from groomers. Jodi Murphy This channel offers a series of videos labelled as ‘how to groom’ with focus on... Read More

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Understanding Dilution Rates

Shampoos come in so many forms that sometimes it is difficult to truly understand how to use them or what to use them for. Our shampoos have a range of dilution rates attached to them, and these vary depending on the strength of the products used. Some of our products can be used neat as well as diluted. This applies to shampoos with a 6:1 dilution rate. However, others are specifically developed to be watered down, such as our Herbal, Magic Forest and Intensity Shampoos, which have a 30:1 dilution... Read More

The Difference Between Blenders, Thinners and Chunkers

  Tell the difference between these scissor types with our helpful hints: Thinners, or Double Thinning Scissors: Have teeth on both edges Used to remove bulk from coats, this includes very fluffy ears. Expect to pay from £40 to £100 on a good quality scissor, and up to £150 for special features. Blenders, or Single Thinning Scissors: Have teeth along one edge only. Used for blending coats from long to short and for softening around the face. Used for smooth clipper and scissor lines, also to give natural texture. The more... Read More

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Top Tips for Blade Maintenance

Prolong the life of your clipper blades with these tips: Oil blades regularly before and after use with 3 drops of oil on the blade to prevent rusting. Wipe off excess. Brush off hair periodically while clipping and before oiling. Ensure tension and blade placement are correct before use. Clean blades after use with blade wash to ensure a deep clean and use a hard brush to get into the teeth. Dry immediately. Keep the blades well lubricated at all times to prevent clipper rash. Store blades in a blade... Read More


Andis Professional Nail Grinder Profile

Product Profile: Andis Nail Grinder Created by the family-run U.S. brand Andis, this nail grinder is a valuable addition to any pet owners grooming kit. The company has been established for over 90 years and is a word-wide business that specialises in grooming products, particularly clippers and dryers. Their animal range was created in the 1970s and remains one of the top suppliers, and the brand is always expanding to include new and innovative technologies. Andis Nail Grinder This product is an effective, mains-powered nail grinder designed to quickly shorten... Read More


Choosing the Right Clippers for Your Pet

There are various considerations when choosing a clipper or trimmer for your dog. There are many models, brand and clipper types to choose from – Groomers alone stocks over 40 individual clippers and trimmers!


Festival of Grooming Speaker Profile: Danelle Murphy

After regularly encountering frustrated groomers and disappointed owners, Danelle began to realise the need for quality training in the area of feline-grooming. In 2007 Danelle founded the National Cat Grooming Institute of America, focusing her career on educating cat groomers and developing and upholding cat grooming standards.

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FURminator Brand Profile

FURminator offer some of the most sought after and popular de-shedding tools on the market. They have recently extended their range to include a variety of new professional quality tools for both canine and feline grooming.